If you are a yachting enthusiast, then your eyes might have surely devoured the Riva Yachts. Known to be the Rolls Royce of the sea, Riva yachts are the epitome of luxury and they truly reflect a person’s classy side. It is so smooth that it glides on the sea. Their design and finish are too beautiful to be described in words and must be experienced to understand.

With some famous iconic personalities of Hollywood like Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and more, who owned these stunning yachts, Riva Yachts surely have a history to be known. With this in perspective, we have mentioned a few interesting facts about Riva Yachts that would want you to have one for yourself!

Riva Yachts

1. The Town of Sarnico

Riva boats had a humble beginning in the town of Sarnico, at the shore of Lago D’Iseo, Italy. The shipyard was known as Riva boat building yard which is about 50 miles away from Lake Garda.

2. Pietro, a Local Hero

When Pietro Riva arrived at the town of Sarnico, he instantly became a hero. In 1832, fishermen at Lake Como were hit with a horrendous storm. That led to many shipwrecked. Pietro Riva helped these fishermen and other people in building their boats up. This laid the foundation of Riva Yachts.

3. The Riva Brand

Pietro Riva’s boat gained popularity for being the better quality boats with fine craftsmanship, but it was not until the Ernesto, his son, introduced combustion engines to these boats that they garnered the world’s attention. These engines were the reason that Lago D’Iseo saw passenger boats and cargo boats for the very first time, then. Later, Serafino, Pietro’s grandson took over and in his reign, Riva won many awards and earned recognition in the boating industry. This made Riva into a brand.

4. The Majesty of Riva Yachts

By the time Riva Yachts had passed through four generations, it had managed to have an image that was synonymous with class, elegance and pure perfection, that they still have managed to keep themselves live up to. It became so popular worldwide that not only the Hollywood stars but the royals as well were fascinated by its beauty and functionality. The Shah of Persia, King Hussein of Jordan and Prince Rainier of Monaco were all mesmerized with these beauties and had a Riva for their own.

5. The Flagship Boat – Aquarama

In 1962, Riva Yachts, under the leadership of Carlo Riva, produced its first flagship boat, Aquarama! It was a pure masterpiece and had inspired many yacht manufacturers to have a wide windscreen.

6. The Whittaker Takeover

Carlo Riva sold Riva Yachts to an America firm called Whittaker. He remained as a Chairman and General Manager but certainly, the involvement began to become less. Later, he stepped down completely and brother-in-law Gino Gervasoni, his partner in the business, took over his roles.

7. The End of Riva’s Family’s Involvement

Later, in 1989, an English company called Vickers took over Riva Yachts. After 2 years of the acquisition, Gino Gervasoni also stepped down, thus ending the involvement of Riva’s family in Riva Yachts.

8. Riva Boat Repairs

Between 1956 and 1958, Riva Yachts hired boat builder Giuliano Arcangeli, who learned about the Riva craftsmanship and went on to have his own shipbuilding yard whose boats were quite often recognized as Rivas. Later, Giuliano’s son developed a repair and maintenance centre for Riva Yachts at Salo, Lake Garda.

9. Riva Returning to its Italian Roots

In recent developments, Riva Yachts returned to its Italian roots when the company was acquired by the Italian Ferretti Group. The elegance and uniqueness of the Riva Yachts are still maintained and blended with the modern designs!

You Definitely Want To Get a Riva!

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