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Riva Yachts for saleRiva Yachts are a contemporary, unique, and classic combination of beauty in the form of a giant vessel. A complete mixture of exceptional technology and innovative design, Riva yachts signify an unmistakable and stunning style. For many years now Miami International Yacht Sales has been well-known as a popular broker of used Riva yachts For Sale.

Riva Yachts & Riva boats are impressive and eye-pleasing as they are termed very often. The exemplary Riva Yachts and line of boats are popular among yachting enthusiasts for their elegance, style, luxury, and beauty. We strive for perfection to make sure every vessel has a uniqueness of its own, that makes it stand apart when on waters.

Excelling itself in the world of yachts, Riva yachts surpass excellence in terms of quality, comfort, and style. Offering brilliant speed and performance, a variety of Riva yachts stand forth to meet the varied needs of yacht lovers across the world. Established in 1842, post a sudden and devastating storm, which left most of the fishermen with powerless boats, Riva has a long and reputable history behind it. Sarnico was the first place where this legendary yacht line created its own destiny. Offering unparalleled style and personality, Riva yachts looked exceptional and attracted all boat lovers.

Gradually, by creating impeccable yachts offering superior performance, Riva Yachts touched the heights of success. With the variety of types and designs, it continued attracting yacht lovers and encouraged them to buy more Riva yachts.

Made utilizing the latest technology, Riva Yachts has created some of the best-performing yachts which also offer a great number of amenities onboard. Each model of Riva yacht has something unique to offer to its passengers or owners. Whether you want an ISEO or covet a Rivamare, we have an assortment of models to appeal to your senses and fulfill your sailing dreams.

Built using the most cutting-edge technologies, Riva yachts for sale offer stiff competition to its rival counterparts. Every model is designed to provide timeless elegance and durability which will make you feel proud for years to come.

Special Features of Riva Yachts for Sale

Some of the most specific features of Riva yachts are their unique and unmatched seating arrangement and convertible lounge area that can be your place of the best state of entertainment. With a spacious and grand deck, you can enjoy the pleasure and delight of an alfresco dinner with family or friends. Fully air-conditioned, we make sure our customers enjoy a complete state of tranquility and peace when on board.

Riva Yachts and Boats Dealers

Riva boats and Riva yachts have been made par excellence to meet the needs of our clientele who are zealous travel aficionados. If you want absolute elegance and remarkable innovations combined with comfort & richness then our vessels are just the perfect choice for you.

If you are looking for luxurious and stylish Riva yachts for sale, then we have you covered. The name Riva signifies sophistication and best-in-class construction and craftsmanship. Riva boats have created a modern style and feel which makes them a true masterpiece in the industry. It is pride for us when we see our vessels being praised for creating spectacular, spendthrift, and marvelous water rides.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riva Yachts

How much do Riva boats cost?

Miami International Yacht Sales features new and used Riva yachts for sale with a price range that depends on the size, condition, model, amenities and other specifications. We offer a variety of Riva boats that suit your needs and budget.

What is the Speciality of Riva yachts?

Riva boats offer in-board, V-drive, and other propulsion systems available in diesel and gas fuel systems. These boats are commonly used for boating endeavors such as overnight cruising.

Why are Riva yachts for sale so popular?

Riva is an established boat brand famous for cruisers, express cruisers, and motor yachts. The Riva boats offer features such as an extensive draft and wide beam that are ideal for overnight cruising. They are luxurious and elegant, which is why they have remained crowd-pleasers among kings, entrepreneurs, actors, and other celebrities.

Which is the best model among the Riva yachts for sale?

It is hard to choose the best model among plenty of appealing models. However, some of the most popular Riva yachts for sale include Sport Riva 56, 85 Opera Super, 52 Rivale, 75 Venere, AquaRiva Super, 88 FOLGORE, Bahamas, and 110 Dolcevita.