Bertram Yachts, Boats, and Brokers in Miami

Bertram Yachts for SaleWith a strong heritage dating back to 1960, Bertram Yachts has come a long way in the yachting industry since the first Bertram, Glass Moppie, was built. Over the years, Bertram has grown to become one of the finest yacht building companies in the world. Miami Bertram boats and yachts are an ideal blend of speed and high-end designs. They are durable, versatile, and built to meet the varied needs of buyers looking for Bertram yachts for sale.

Extensive Fleet of Bertram Yachts for Sale

Miami International Yacht Sales offers the best selection of Bertram yachts for sale in Miami. Ideal for the ultimate yachting and cruising, our Miami Bertram yachts are one of a kind. Our mission is to offer our clients exclusive access to the top-notch and unmatched selection of Bertram yachts.

Having marked their name in manufacturing high-performance sportfishing vessels for over 45 years, Bertram Yachts is a favorite in the yachting industry. These vessels are made to withstand any climatic conditions and make fishing a great experience for you.

We offer Bertram yachts for sale that are fully accessorized and equipped to ensure they are best suited for all your sailing purposes. Our vessels are designed and crafted to offer five-star hotel like treatment for those on board. By choosing to work with our Bertram brokers in Miami, you can rest assured about receiving the finest product and having the best buying experience.

Bertram Boats for Sale

Each Bertram boat is designed and constructed by skilled workers who are boaters themselves, which is why even the minute details are considered. Every component is carefully chosen, and hues, materials, and finishes are hand-picked to create an ageless, elegant design all around.

Our fleet of Bertram boats for sale are known for their roomy, comfortable, functional, and beautifully crafted interiors. They come with sufficient storage above and beneath the deck, making them perfect for fishing and yachting. Our Miami Bertram boats are fully equipped to make them best suitable for all your cruising needs.

Our Bertram Brokers in Miami

We have the best Bertram brokers in Miami to understand your needs and help you choose the right yacht accordingly. We have an extensive network worldwide and complete knowledge of the yachting industry to help you. Our professional staff is here to assist you in every way possible – before, during, and after the sale. Whether you are looking at Bertram boats or yachts for sale, reach out to us to buy your dream vessel! We are available at +1-305-857-8939 for your assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bertram Yachts

What Bertram yacht models are currently available for sale in Miami?

We have an ever-changing inventory of Bertram yacht models available. To get the most up-to-date information, please use our “YACHT SEARCH” feature or contact us for a virtual or in-person appointment.

Can you assist with financing options for purchasing a Bertram yacht?

Absolutely, we have partnerships with leading marine lenders who specialize in yacht financing. Our team can help you explore financing options and connect you with the right lender to make your Bertram yacht purchase a reality.

What’s the advantage of choosing a used Bertram yacht for sale in Miami?

Used Bertram yachts for sale can offer significant cost savings compared to new ones. All our pre-owned yachts are in excellent condition. We thoroughly inspect and verify the condition of pre-owned vessels to provide peace of mind to buyers.

Are Bertram yachts for sale suitable for fishing and cruising available in Miami?

Yes, Miami’s yachting community often has a mix of Bertram yachts for sale, suitable for fishing and cruising. Our brokers can help you find a Bertram model that meets your specific needs, whether you’re an angler, cruiser, or a bit of both.

Do you provide support for yacht maintenance and services after the purchase?

Certainly, our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the sale. We can assist you in finding reliable yacht service providers and maintenance experts and even offer yacht management services to ensure your Bertram yacht remains in top condition.

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