In its true essence, Riva Yachts are the symbol of elegance and luxury. Riva Yachts enjoy this position due to their long inherited experience and expert craftsmanship. These yachts have successfully captured the hearts of many Hollywood heartthrobs and celebrities. At Miami International Yacht Sales, we believe that the Hollywood A-listers have an affinity towards Riva Yachts due to its refined Italian flair. It conquers many hearts when put for display on many yacht exhibitions and trade shows.

For those who are willing to own one, should know the long history behind the world’s most popular yacht company, Riva Yachts.

Riva Yachts

Long History Of Riva Yachts

Pietro Riva, the founder of Riva Yachts had the ambition to run his own business. In 1842, he launched Riva Yachts. It was the same year that a storm hit Italy’s Lake d’lseo, that damaged many local fishing boats. Pietro, being a proficient ship-builder and artisan, took the initiative to repair them all. After this incident, he earned a name for himself that the locals respected to be trustworthy. This gave rise to his own desire to build boats with Riva Yachts.

Over the years, the business flourished and so did the models and designs of their boats. Ernesto, the son of Pietro Riva made a proposition to add engines with internal combustion. He believed that the business could leverage greatly more through this and his idea changed everything for Riva Yachts. The family instantly sold many boats.

Later, Serafino Riva took over the legacy in the 1920s and transformed the Riva Yachts into a recognizable brand in the boating industry.

After the 1920s

In the 1950s, the company continued to show an upward trajectory under Carlo Riva’s leadership. He helped the Riva yachts to be known for offering a captivating vessel, exclusively for style icons. This is when Riva started earning a reputation of being the Royce of the sea. Its quality build and performance turned many heads. In the 1960s, many Hollywood A-listers started owning Rivas. These A-listers included celebrities like Ingrid Bergman, Richard Burton, Anita Ekberg, and Elizabeth Taylor. It was so exquisite and exclusive that it is rumored that Marilyn Monroe wanted to own one as well.

If you are searching for the most iconic among the Riva yachts for sale, then it has to be the Riva Aquarama. It is a wooden luxury and was only produced from 1962 to 1996. To highlight its natural wooden grain, this Riva was varnished and encased in mahogany. All the featured versions were built and equipped with twin-engines to provide power to class.

This boat’s specifications and offerings were unparalleled for the other boats, then. Riva Yachts made everyone believe that you need to be famous or well-known to own a Riva.

Present Day

Riva Yachts stand tall on its legacy of class and perfection. The boats still firmly represent its slogan “as it was yesterday, it will be forever.” They are more than just vessels, they are a decadence. It’s extravagant to own a Riva.

Riva still pushes the boundaries to manufacture new boats that cause a sensation in the boating industry. Any Riva Yacht is surely to cost above two million dollars, and it is not a price that buyers shy away from.

At Miami International Yacht Sales, we follow the same principles of providing quality boats with high standards. You can hardly find any Riva Yachts for sale as they sell quickly, thus when you find one, act promptly. If you are looking for a Riva dealer who can help you seal the deal, contact Miami International Yacht Sales and explore our Riva Yachts’ options.