Founded in 2011 by Robert Lama, Miami International Yacht Sales has become one of the most contemporary yacht brokerages in the industry. By applying the same principles and ideals used during his Commercial Real Estate history in New York, Robert has become popular amongst yacht owners in the 100’ – 250’ class. Understanding the structure of the deal compounded by the administration of the transaction gives Miami International Yacht Sales a competitive edge. We are capable of offering our clients a customized focus on their listings and acquisitions. We use the “best of the best” of maritime law, documentation, and import/export experts available in the industry.

Whether you are looking for new or used luxury yachts for sale in Miami, Florida, or any other part of the world, we narrow down the best manufacturer, model, and boat type to meet your budget and specific requirements.

New Yachts for Sale

Miami International Yacht Sales has the experience and expertise needed for the acquisition of a new yacht. We have developed relationships with the leading shipyards in Italy, the Netherlands, and worldwide to support our client’s needs. Direct sales through Miami International Yacht Sales will streamline the process and put our brokerage in the buyer’s corner. We find it very important to get your vessel at the correct price by evaluating the current market, competitive brands, and aftermarket pricing. We will team up with our sources to ensure our clients are protected.

Yachts for Sale
Boats for Sale

New Build

We understand the complexity of building a new yacht. Timing, modifications, customizations, and quality oversight are our priorities. We use top members of our industry to build a team that will put comfort and confidence in the process of new yacht construction. Beginning with contract negotiation and finishing with delivery, we have the contacts that will make building your new yacht a positive experience.

A Promise from Robert Lama

“You can count on my personal attention to your listing, acquisition, or new build. I am always available to work “one on one” with you to accomplish our goal. Always feel free to contact me directly via phone, WhatsApp, text, or email. I truly look forward to working through the process with you.”


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    Listing Your Used Yachts for Sale

    Used Yachts for Sale

    We pride ourselves on offering the best listings possible. We are selective in what we bring into our inventory to ensure we give 100% to our sellers. Let’s just say that we go to sleep thinking about our listings and wake up giving them our full attention. We don’t wait for the “phone call.” We have a successful history of promoting listings and accumulating strong, qualified, and capable buyers.


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