Burger Yachts and Boats for Sale

Founded in 1863, in Wisconsin by Henry Burger, the shipyard of the Burger Boat Company drew European yacht builders from all over the world to achieve their vision. Today, the company has developed the world’s most innovative yachts that feature jaw-dropping technology with modern amenities. The revolutionary yacht-building company works with a team of naval architects and respected designers to build custom and commercial burger motor yachts.

Burger Yacht For Sale

A Glorious History of Game-Changing Yacht Models

Burger yachts for sale have a world-renowned reputation for their classic style and sophisticated finish. For more than 150 years, the company has held supremacy for being the leader in the industry and having an excellent work ethic. Their innovative milestone includes the 1938 launch of the 24.7 meter Tamaris, the first yacht model in America that featured an all-welded steel auxiliary body. Their 1965 launch of Virginia was also a major milestone as it featured an all-welded aluminum body.

They have also won many awards for their innovative designs, including the 46.6-meter Inglot at the 2010 Rendezvous in Monaco. Their retro superyacht Sycara IV was also a massive success around the world. Ahead of their time, the company focuses on investing its time and resources towards innovative and disruptive yacht-building technologies.


Notable Features of Burger Motor Yachts

Burger motor yachts have lush interior finishes combined with high-tech engineering to make them the most prestigious models in the United States.

Here are some of the notable Features of Burger Yachts:

  • Edgy Designs That Stands Out: One of the most critical design principles that the company follows is innovation. Observe any Burger yacht for sale, and you will find that their yacht design concept follows a very contemporary and luxurious vision. Their models have bespoke features that are unique and follow Burger’s heritage of exceptional quality.
  • Robust Performance: Burger motor yachts are custom-built to help you explore elite sailing hotspots in the world with specially designed sports yachts that feature cutting-edge engineering, robust performance, and a sturdy hull infrastructure.
  • A Luxurious Experience: Burger’s superyachts are not just elegant but stand up to the rigors of the long journey of the sea. The exciting design cues make the owners feel at home and provide you with the ultimate comfort to carry your expedition.

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