Riva yachts have captured imaginations with their style and superior engineering. These yachts have an even more fascinating history, which is no less exciting than that of a movie. Riva yachts were founded by Pietro Riva who undertook the repair of boats of local fishermen that were ravaged by a storm in Sarnico in the year 1842. The story that started with repairs of fishing boats has today unfolded into the legacy of Riva Yachts, which is one of the most sought-after yacht brands across the globe.

Riva Yachts

What Makes Riva Yachts So Desirable?

Riva offers a highly diversified range of yachts. Riva boats stand out because of their exclusivity, style, performance, and dependability. Another factor that makes the Riva exclusive is its century-old tradition of using fine wood. The stunning beauty of a Riva comes from the exquisite wood that is used in its manufacturing – ranging from mahogany to streaked

The brand manufactures yachts in three models:

Open: The Open Riva yachts are a delight to the eyes! With sleek styling infused with cutting-edge technology, Riva open yachts are every boat lover’s dream. These yachts range from 27′ to 88′ and come with the best styling, exquisite woodwork, and the latest technological infusions.

Sportfly: The 66′ Ribelle and 76′ Perseo comprise the Sportfly line of yachts by Riva. These boats are extraordinary in terms of design and onboard features, making them an object of desire for those who love to challenge the waters.

Flybridge: The 90’Argo, 100′ Corsaro, and 110’Dolce Vita form the Flybridge line of yachts from Riva. Forward-looking design with sharp, sporty lines is a mainstay with these yachts. With exquisite interiors and stunning exteriors, the Flybridge line of Riva yachts is designed for those who love to cruise and party in style.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Riva Yacht

If you are for new Riva boats for sale or used Riva yachts for sale, here are a couple of things that you would want to keep in mind while buying one:

1. Choose the yacht you want to buy: The first step to buying a yacht – new or old – Riva or any other brand – is that you first make up your mind about the kind of yacht you want. Reconsider the purpose you want to use the yacht for and then make a choice.

2. Old or New?: Decide if you want to get a new or an old boat. New boats are expensive but they will not have issues that you may face with an old boat. If you are keen on buying a used boat then do your research or hire a dealer who can help you buy the right boat. You can speak with experts at Miami International Yacht Sales to learn about new Riva yachts for sale or to understand the cost of buying old Riva boats for sale.

3. Get a Broker: Brokers can help you explore the right options and pick out the boat that suits you the best. They are especially helpful if you are looking for a boat that is towards the upper end of the spectrum or if you are looking at a used one.

If you need help picking out the right boat for yourself, you can check with the experts at Miami International Yacht Sales for help. Our expert Riva dealers can help you pick out the right mega yacht in Miami and take you through options from current superyachts for sale.

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