Pershing Yachts

Miami International Yacht Sales has access to all Pershing Yachts for sale worldwide.

pershing yachts for saleIf you have experienced the beauty, performance and luxury of a Pershing Yachts, we can find the perfect match for you.  We have access to all Pershing available worldwide.  If you would like to build a new Pershing, we can accommodate you as well.

We are a preeminent used Pershing yacht broker in the Miami area and we try to bring a cutting edge technology and mind-blowing creativity together to offer an extensive fleet of used Pershing yachts for sale. There are some very specific features of Pershing yachts in Miami that makes them stand tall when the question is about functionality and durability.

Being one of the top Pershing yachts brokers in the world, we take pride in representing superior performance, top quality construction and stylish development in yachts. Our team of efficient and talented brokers will help you choose the best deal on Pershing yacht for sale to suit your needs and budget efficiently. What makes our Pershing yachts a popular choice? Powerful and reliable engines, advanced construction methods and the best of amenities has made them stand out among their counterparts.

Miami International offers customizable Pershing Yachts for sale

We all know that Pershing Yachts is the world leader when it comes to crafting high-end luxury motor yachts. We at Miami international Yacht Sales offers the customers with both new and used Pershing Yachts for sale. The Pershing Yachts are known for its high-quality built and the attention to every detail. If you are a yacht lover and possess a dream of wandering the ocean, we can offer you Pershing Yachts that you can easily avail without drilling your pocket. The used yachts we offer are in good condition and instead of buying a new one, we recommend you invest in the used yachts because it will lower down on the price front and will give you the same experience that of a newly bought yacht. Pershing Yachts are ruling the ocean for the past three decades and there is no doubt why we love them.

Pershing Miami offers different types of yachts for different individuals. We all possess different taste and when it comes to yachts, there are hundreds of designs to offer. We can help you to choose from 500 different models of yachts varying in price, functionality, and features. Not only that, our services include offering the listings of other Pershing dealer to the customers in case they don’t find anything interesting, including the international brokers from all over the world. You can easily find all the listed Pershing Yacht models of the world at our facility.

We are flexible on the price range. The price range of used Pershing Yachts we offer starts from $100,000 can go up to $250,000. It is a one-time investment and requires minimum maintenance as these Pershing Yachts are designed to cater all the requirements of the customer. Not only that, if you are in the mood of customizing your yacht, we also provide our services in offering customization options where the customer can customize the luxury interior design or the engine specifications of the yacht according to his/her needs.

Pershing Yachts For Sale

Pershing yachts represents passion, innovation and creativity combined with elegance and magnificence. Since the beginning their fleet of Pershing yachts for sale were the number one choice of many of our customers. Our yachts stand out in the industry for their distinguishing features to match luxury and comfort.
Pershing yachts for sale never fall behind when it comes to ultimate luxury, style, elegance, comfort and performance. Every yacht we represent boasts of advanced construction methods, distinctive look, well-designed interiors, well-equipped stater rooms and galley. We are not done yet. . Don’t be hesitant. Give us a call on +1-305-857-8939.