Hatteras Yachts for Sale

From the moment you fire up the engines and cut through your first wave, the Hatteras Yachts Advantage is apparent. As our naval architects and engineers know, deep V-design hulls have a tendency to roll and incur high hull resistance. Flat-bottom hulls offer less resistance but pound in normal sea conditions. Thus, Hatteras Yachts has developed a series of convex and modified-V hulls that provide the best of both designs. These hulls deliver a sharp entry and a soft, stable rider – the renowned “Hatteras ride.” Further, most  Hatteras Yachts hulls feature a double chine with hull side “step-outs” to help reduce spray while increasing the beam above the waterline. The benefits: a dryer ride and more interior space.

Hatteras Yachts For SaleHatteras Yachts are the most popular motor yachts in the United States. With a long history of building solid and luxurious yacht, Hatteras Yachts has a vessel that will be perfect for your cruising needs. Miami International Yacht Sales can find the perfect Hatteras Yacht. Sport Fishing yachts are also available by Hatteras Yachts. Large, fast and amazingly beautiful Hatteras Yachts are seen on all coasts of the United States. Miami International Yacht Sales specializes in providing our customers with Hatteras Yachts that are in amazing condition. Strong performers in any sea conditions, Hatteras Yachts have a reputation for being solid and built to the highest of yachting standards. I you are looking for a Hatteras Yacht you will find it at Miami International Yacht Sales. Hatteras Yachts have set the standard for Sport Fish and luxury motor yachts around the world.