Feadship was founded back in the year 1849, this is when the Akerboom family had purchased a small shipyard off the shore of the Netherlands in order to construct and repair water crafts. After this they joined hands with the Van Lent family in 1927, and later in 1949 they ended up establishing Feadship together with the De Vries, another family-based shipyard, to form Feadship. In Kaag , Makkum, and Aalsmeer Feadship has three shipyards, and De Voogt Naval Architects is the only design and engineering center.

After World War II the market that was flourishing as an industry was left in ruins. Indeed, even after four years of peace, they had very low funds or inclination of yacht orders in Europe. Feadship, was established by naval architect Henri de Voogt in 1949 as a fair relationship with the goal of pitching to American customers after the boost by the Dutch government’s fare impetuses.

Feadship Yachts_ Top Interesting Facts

Here are a couple of captivating statistical data points that catch the absolutely one of a kind sort of the Feadship encounter.

Dining Area Table

The lines of a number of Feadships was composed by Cees Van Lent in his parlor that was beside the Feadship yard on Kaag Island. The dining table was right behind him and turned out to be totally flexible, Cees rested back to consider his planning phase.

Helsinki Olympic Games

At the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland, Frits de Voogt represented the Netherlands. Frits de Voogt who was 24 years old was one of the Dutch Men’s Coxless Fours rowing team. However, Frits didn’t acquire a medal after his team was eliminated in a playoff with Italy yet he was very much delighted with the experience.

Around The Globe

Around the globe in a span of five years. In the year 2008, happened the grand launch, after which Feadship Archimedes traveled more than 100,000 nautical miles on an epic voyage of revelation.

The Devil Is In The Details

Everything on a Feadship is of premium quality. Even the smallest of details are considered and beautifully designed to please you.

You can see it in the distinctive parts used to build the Feadship Tango, a remarkable vessel to enjoy life on the sea.
Nothing on a Feadship is as basic as it may appear once they are set up. The details were so beautifully done that all the distinctive parts required for the door handle on the Feadship Tango were very much visible to the naked eye.

43,270 Horses Inside

The Ecstasea, 86-meter long Feadship watercraft, reaches her best speed of 33+ knots with the assistance of the motor power equal to 43,270 horses!
The 86-meter Ecstasea requires the motor power equivalent to 43,270 horses to reach her best speed of 33+ knots.

Advancement In Publishing

In the yachting business, “The Pilot” publication is known to be the longest running business magazine.
What’s more, it’s become popular over the years too by a factor of ten, from 18 pages in the primary release in 1986 to an astounding 180 pages today.

Paint It

Tom de Vries had his family car painted matte black keeping in mind the end goal to persuade the proprietor of the Feadship Air that the new coating innovation that was used would work wonders.

Did you know that Tom de Vries persuaded the proprietor of Feadship Air by painting his car matte black? It was how the coating innovation came into existence!

Air now dons a progressive uniform. However, Tom’s wife was not so captivated by the new shade of their car. As a father, in any case, he ascended no less than 10 points on the “coolness meter” of his girls.

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