In Makkum, Aalsmeer, and Kaag, Feadship had 3 yacht building offices and in Haarlem, it had a design and building center. In the year 1949 Feadship was established as a group and had roots that could be traced back to a century. In the 1800s, under the administration of the Van Lent and De Vries families the skilled workers propelled iconic watercraft. The 1900s was marked to be an important stage in the Feadship story. Van Lent Yard’s establishment backpedals to the year 1849 and in 1906 the entryways of the main De Vries yard was opened. Get to know more about: “Feadship yachts for sale”

Feadship Yachts: A Brand Building Journey


Before the World War II, the two royal shipyards served proprietors around the globe. The effects of the War was such that very few people in Europe could stand to purchase extravagance yachts. To approach the American market, the De Vries and Van Lent families, who were known to be inventive and constantly daring, met up with a few other Dutch yards, as deals were blasting in the late 1940s. In the year 1949, the main gathering of the Dutch Ship builders’ First Export Association took place in Amsterdam. Thus, Feadship was conceived and history was made. De Voogt Naval Architects, Van de Stadt, Witsen and Vis, De Vries Lentsch and Akerboom were the fellow members.

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By the year 1951, when New York Boat Show happened, Feadship was acquainted with the American public and as a result, it instantly sold three watercraft. Exactly a month later, the primary new request came for Hilda V. In the 1953 International Motor Boat Show, Capri was delegated Queen because of its high quality that was offered by Feadship. These highlights of Capri inspired judges and proprietors alike. They were stunned by Feadship’s ability with steel. At that time in North America, steel was not much utilized for yachts. Both, steel and aluminum speed boats were on huge demand because of which Feadship quit building wooden yachts. In 1955 Souris II was the last wooden yacht that was built. By this time Feadship was very well settled in the lucrative American market.


In regard to both notoriety and complexity, this decade was a time of enduring development for Feadship. In the year 1961, Camargo IV exhibited cutting edge highlights- retractable stabilizer fins and air conditioning. These solaces incited all the more notable figures like- Henry Ford II, Arthur Wirtz to order custom yachts. The persevering quest for flawlessness which as of now described Feadship at that point, and has kept on doing so from that point forward. It was a brilliant time for new ideas, and completely raised wheelhouses or a certifiable trans-Atlantic ability were only two of the different markers in construction history to be reached and outperformed amid the 1960s.

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