The Miami Yacht Show has been successfully attracting tens of thousands of marine professionals and boating enthusiasts every year. The Miami Yacht Show happens during President’s Day Weekend every year. Thousands of boats, yachts, and marine accessories are showcased here to the attendees who take an interest and come to the show with the aim of purchasing a luxury watercraft or marine accessories.

The Miami Yacht Show is known to be the city’s most popular luxury yacht show that ends up transforming a mile-long stretch of Collins Avenue, across the legendary Eden Roc and Fontainebleau hotels. The mile-long stretch of Collins Avenue is revamped into a multi-million dollar display of yachts overlaying more than an area of 1.2 million square feet.

Now that we know about the specifications and highlights of the show, let’s get on to the big news – The Miami Yacht Show is on the move!

Yes, you read it just right, After 30 years across Indian Creek opposite the Hotel Fontainebleau, the Miami Yacht Show will go across the interstate. The Show is changing its location in the year 2019 to Biscayne Bay. This location in Miami is nestled between the MacArthur and the man-made island, Venetian Causeway. Biscayne Bay is presently progressing to a live event space, which once housed the Miami Herald.

With 3,500 parking spots, the new location offers a vast parking space. Water taxi transportation is another major highlight of the new location that will act as a bridge between the Miami Yacht Show 2019 and its auxiliary site, Super Yacht Miami on Watson Island.

The general supervisor of Informa, Andrew Doole, is the Miami Yacht Show’s co-proprietor and maker. He said in an announcement that “The new location will be much suited for development with extra land area in order to improve and grow VIP parlors, as well as include entertainment and extra concession choices, and in addition profit due to the closeness with Island Gardens Deep Harbor for 400 feet yachts”, he also added “That being stated, we are thankful for the numerous extraordinary years of help and cooperation with the City of Miami Beach and the various elements that have added to the accomplishment of this big show for as long as 30 years.”

The Miami Beach Show is best, both in the conduits and on Collins Avenue, known for its substantial vessels and overwhelming traffic. So gear up for an amazing show in a brand-new location!

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