Creating Luxury: The Best Yacht Brands in The Entire World

Every yacht builder has proclaimed that they are one of the best yacht brands in the world, but which of these claims are legitimate? You need to know the basics if you are a novice in the yachting world. One of the basics is learning about the best yacht brands that have given the world some of the most iconic and remarkable boats ever created. Here are some top brands that consistently create works of art in the yachting world.


The name Feadship has become synonymous with luxury custom yachts. Since its official foundation in 1949, they have been pushing the boundaries to create perfection in the yachting world. Every yacht built by Feadship is created with the utmost care, innovative and futuristic methods, and the highest quality material available. Feadship has been named one of the best yacht brands in the world because of its uncompromising attitude toward quality. Their attention to detail and desire to fulfill client wishes has made them a trusted name in the luxury yacht industry.


Oceano, one of the best yacht brands in the Netherlands, was established in 1987. Although the year 2002 was when it was propelled into the future and experienced a monumental shift due to its new owners. The transition allowed Oceano to create 260 feet plus superyachts. Their goal was to draw inspiration and harness the old-world, classical Dutch artistry and architecture to create their iconic future yachts.

This company has made a name for itself in the yachting world due to its designs and builds, and it works with prominent names such as Sam Sorgiovanni, Andrew Winch, and Terence Disdale.


Heesen is another Dutch yacht builder considered one of the best yacht brands in the world. This Dutch brand has been recognized as the powerhouse of expert design architecture, engineering, and design since its debut in 1978. Hessen was also a pioneer in the yacht industry for utilizing aluminum in its design. Aluminum has always been considered a premium material in the yacht industry precisely because of its lightness, delivering better efficiency. This can be seen in Hessens’s most famous yacht, Alive, featuring the underwater foil. This underwater foil, also known as the Hull Vane technology, provided incredible speed and efficiency and even reduced fuel usage by almost 30%.

Heesen also has a wide range of semi-custom yachts aside from their custom builds. This is done to reduce the turnaround time and delivery waits while providing the same Heesen quality.


The origin of Benetti Yachts can be traced back to 1873 when the Fratelli Benetti shipyard was created in Viareggio. Now Benetti Yachts has joined hands and become the Azimut-Benetti Group, one of the most famous and best yacht brands worldwide. Benetti Yachts has undergone many changes throughout almost 150 years, but their standard has never dropped. Benetti has become synonymous with luxurious state-of-the-art yachts with impeccable engineering and architecture.

Benetti has also been at the forefront of sustainability as environmental concerns regarding yachts rise. They have utilized hybrid technology with yachts such as Luminosity 2019. This 352-foot yacht was considered one of the greenest yachts. It was all possible due to diesel-electric hybrid power and an efficient battery supplying the yacht with 12 emission-free hours at anchor.


If you look at the list of the top ten largest or most notable yachts in the world, you are bound to find the name Lürssen listed quite often. Lürssen is one of the most prominent names in the world, with eight shipyards throughout Germany. Lürssen is a family business established in 1870 by Friedrick Lürssen in Germany. Since its inception, this yacht brand has shattered records and created a name for itself as one of the nest yacht brands in the world. One of the records they have broken is of the longest yacht with Lürssen’s Azza 2015, which is an astounding 592-foot-long superyacht.

Royal Huisman

The name of Royal Huisman can be traced back to 1884 and is considered one of the world’s oldest yacht brands. This Dutch shipyard has a modest history in comparison to its current stature. This brand started as a shipyard that built simple fishing boats, but as time passed, the brand grew significantly. Royal Huisman is now a yacht-building brand that creates some of the most elegant and luxurious yachts for the ocean today. Royal Huisman has made some of the most stunning sailing yachts, such as Ethereal, Aquarius, and Sea Eagle II. Still, he has also seamlessly delved into the world of motor yachts to create similar masterpieces.

Damen Yachting

Another famous Dutch yacht builder is Damen Yachting, under the Damen Shipyards Group. Functioning Damen’s building department, the brand Damen Yachting came into existence relatively recently in 2019. Despite that, Damen Yachting is named for creating the iconic and world-renowned Amel yachts. They have also made SeaXplorer, utilized for expeditions and yacht support ships. Damen shipyard is also one of the most extensive yacht-building facilities in the Netherlands after Amels moved its operation to Vlissingen.

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