Located in Italy, Pershing Yachts are known to have a high composite performance, ranging from 14.24 meters to 35 meters in length. With a proud history, the company is under the proud ownership of Ferretti Yachts, one of the major yacht-building companies. This makes it an industry leader in producing some of the most stylish yachts that are an example of beauty and performance.

Being the ambassador of the Italian style, Pershing Yachts always has a desire to stay ahead of its competitors. They have come a long way from their first yacht and wish to continue their journey ahead. This has made the company design exquisitely liveable yachts that boast extraordinary speed and functions.

If you have seen a Pershing Yacht and want to buy one, there are things you need to know about the company so you can feel proud of your ownership. Read on as we mention some important things that you need to know about the company.

Things You Ought to Know About the Pershing Yachts

1. History of Pershing Yachts

  • The company was founded by the Italian Entrepreneurs Fausto Filippetti, Tilli Antonelli, and Giuliano Onori in 1981 with their first shipyard. The shipyard was named Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico.
  • They later, in 1985, collaborated with designer Fulvio De Simone to produce their first luxury yacht model. It was the Pershing 45.
  • The Ferretti group in 1988 acquired the Pershing Yachts. Under their leadership, the company flourished and grew its working capacity and size.
  • Later in 2012, the Ferretti group itself was acquired by the Chinese group called Weichan Group. They bought a 75 percent share in the Ferretti group that did include Pershing.

2. About the Design and Specifications

  • The whole Pershing fleet has a hydraulic gangway designed and developed with the help of Besenzoni.
  • They use a special lamination system (vacuum infusion), to have a durable fiberglass deck, superstructure, and hull. This is a unique system that lets these yachts have great strength and premium quality. Also, this makes their yachts more eco-friendly.
  • You can find big monolithic curvatures that are highly innovative, around the windows and windscreen. This enables the yachts to have more of the natural light on board, making it more liveable.
  • Pershing has stairs made out of carbon fiber that allows great access to its sundeck. It was first installed and introduced in Pershing 74 and later in Pershing 82.
  • The hulls are more aggressive with streamlined shapes.
  • Pershing Yachts have blended both interior and exterior living, to offer luxurious yet functional stay. To achieve this, they have installed a glass door that separates the cockpit and lounge and a fold-away that connects the interiors and the exteriors. This can extend the small area and make it appear large. This is an innovative strategy to have the maximum optimization of space.
  • Each of its models has a custom touch that lets the yacht owners have what they want. They also have a partnership with Poltrona Frau who is an excellent interior designer and works with leather.

3. Some Notable Pershing Yachts

If you haven’t seen the Pershing 115 superyacht then you haven’t seen anything. It is the flagship yacht of the company that is packed with style, elegance, and performance.

Specifications of Pershing 115 Superyacht

Length: 35 to 37 meters long
Speed: top speed of 38 knots
Engines: Twin engines with 7400 horsepower MTU

If you wish to increase the performance of this yacht, to make it live up to its highest speed of 52 knots, you can add an aviation gas turbine to the propulsion package.

This superyacht will be costly for many who are looking to buy something more basic as their first yacht. Browse through our extensive selection of Pershing Yachts for sale and choose the one that excites you while meeting your budget. Our yacht brokers will readily help you out with this decision. If you are in Miami and wish to buy one of the Pershing on sale, get in touch with Miami International Yacht Sale. We have some great pre-owned yachts that are affordable yet beautiful.

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