What is The Best And Worst Season To Put Your Mega Yacht For Sale?

Believe it or not, timing is crucial when putting your mega yacht for sale. In the boating world, particular seasons fetch the best value on your mega yacht for sale. On the other hand, there are certain seasons when your mega yacht listing will not attract many potential buyers. But how do you understand which is the perfect time to put your mega yacht for sale? We at Miami International Yacht Sales are here to answer that question and provide tips to help you sell your mega yacht.

When Is It The Perfect Time To Put Your Mega Yacht For Sale?

The answer is not as black or white as people would expect. The season when you sell a yacht plays an important role but so does the vessel itself. There are certain extraordinary mega yachts for sale that will stand out from the rest. If your mega yacht is famous and on-demand, it will sell regardless of the season. But for all mega yachts in general, there are certain seasons and factors you should consider when selling your yacht.

Focus On The Season

Data from several yacht brokers and sellers show a particular season that marks the highest sales in the yacht market. That season is generally the spring and early summer, between February and June. The reason why spring-summer observes the highest is because people begin planning their summer activities. If people were in the market looking for a yacht, they would start searching for the perfect one now. It would give them ample time to check and ensure everything is in its best condition. During this period, you will see a higher demand for yachts, higher than the number of yachts available in the market. If you put your mega yachts for sale during this time, you are almost guaranteed a quick sale.

Overall Shortage of Second Hand Boats

There has been a shortage of second-hand vessels in the yacht and mega yacht market for the past few years. This shortage arose primarily because of the economic crisis a few years ago. If you put a mega yacht for sale in the correct market in good condition during spring, your chances of selling are relatively high.

Announce A Fair Price For Your Mega Yacht

Nothing hampers the sale of your mega more than an overpriced listing. Even though in Florida, demand for boats and yachts tends to be higher than in other US states, a correct listing is key. An overpriced mega yacht will take longer to sell, even if it is in the best condition. If you have doubts, you can always contact a mega yacht broker who will have immense knowledge and experience regarding pricing.

Worst Time To Put Your Mega Yacht For Sale

The months of July and August are the worst period for selling your yachts. People hunt for the best deals on yachts in the spring and early summer. Sales drop during July and August as people interested in buying a yacht for sale either have already purchased a vessel or have decided against it. Either way, most mega yacht enthusiasts are off to enjoy their summertime activities, whether it is on a yacht or not. The overall rush season is considered over, and the pace of yacht sales decreases substantially. Anyone who purchases will also be unable to operate until the winter months are over, reducing the urgency to purchase. Therefore you should avoid putting your mega yacht for sale during these months.

Crucial Factors You Should Consider

There can be exceptions when putting your mega yacht for sale. Certain scenarios can emerge that might not follow the rules mentioned above.

  • If you live in an area that has a year-round boating season. Florida is often considered to have an all-year-round boating season, which means demand tends to remain more or less constant (we still recommend adhering to the February to June timeline to see the best results).
  • You want to purchase another vessel and wish to get rid of the carrying fees for the one you put up for sale. If you’re going to sell your mega yacht fast, especially if you have already initiated payment for the vessel, this can affect how you price the vessel.

Lastly, one factor that is beyond everyone’s control is luck. It has been observed that even during the slow season, a vessel could find the perfect buyer and secure a deal.

Why Should You Work With Miami International Yacht Sales?

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