Top 10 Largest Feadship Yachts For Sale

Are you searching for an ideal yacht to plan an enjoyable vacation in the upcoming holidays? If yes, you must realize how tedious this task can be. You are responsible for considering not one but several intricacies before finalizing your purchase. Amongst all top brands, Feadship yachts are the ones that never fail to stand out. Feadship yachts were founded in 1949 and have ruled the yacht industry since then.

Dutch yard Feadship has emerged to become one of the most celebrated luxury superyacht builders in the world. Currently, the yard houses a global superyacht fleet of about 216 superyachts with an average length of 51.15 meters and an average volume of 799 GT.

You can never go wrong with Feadships yachts for sale as their design and power are unmatched in the industry. Are you curious to learn more about Feadship yachts? If yes, here is a list of the top ten Feadship yachts that are currently in high demand. Learn about their features and make an informed decision.

10 Unique Feadship Yachts for Sale

1. Anna

Anna is the biggest Feadship Yacht

Anna is the biggest Feadship ever constructed, and this current flagship of the marvelous Dutch yard is about 110 meters long. That is some length. The superyacht Anna was built and delivered in 2018. The layout, exterior designs, interior look, and general arrangement of the yacht were carried out by Michael Leach Design in collaboration with the yacht owner’s personally hired New York decorator – Brian McCarthy Inc. The naval supremacy of the yacht was sketched in-house by De Voogt.

The core features of Anna include a stylish architectural curve connecting the main and upper decks, a vast funnel, multiple balconies, and a spectacular mast.

That is not it; Anna is equipped with a custom-made diesel-electric propulsion system and provides a landing pad for any tilt-rotor aircraft.

2. Symphony

symphony feadship yacht

There was a time when Symphony was recognized as the largest yacht that hit the seas in 2015. The generous structure of the Symphony is 101.5 meters in length, and Tim Heywood sketched its exterior design. Symphony features a unique dark blue hull and a six-meter vast contraflow pool.

The yacht is designed to comfortably accommodate 3,000GT with 20 guests. Other noticeable amenities on the yacht are a gym, a lounge, a gym, massage room, and a beauty salon.

Whether you purchase an old or new Feadship yacht for sale, Symphony is sure to please you with its dream amenities.

3. Moonrise

moonrise feadship yacht

Moonrise was brought to the world in 2020. The talented Studio De Voogt sketched the exquisite sports exterior design of Moonrise. The superyacht is 99.95m in length, and the core exterior details include a superstructure clad in glass, a vertical bow, and giant hull windows.

In other places, Moonrise also offers the facility of a helipad on the foredeck of the yacht. Additionally, the superyacht offers features like a large beach club aft, a wellness space, and a high-functioning gym. While Studio De Voogt drew the exterior, the highly commendable interior was drawn by Remi Tessier Design.

The superyacht can comfortably accommodate a total of 16 guests in eight of its rooms and offers a unique living space for its 32 staff living and operating on board.

4. Madame Gu

Madame Gu feadship yacht

Madame Gu has often been described as “sleek and quick” by its Dutch builder Winch design. The superyacht is about 99 meters and was introduced to the world in 2013. Its aesthetic appeal was quick to scoop two World Superyacht Awards.

Madame Gu is run by four MTU 20V4000M73 engines to achieve a high speed of 16 knots. The 2,991GT interior of the luxury yacht offers accommodation for a total of 12 guests. There is no reason not to consider buying a two-times award-winning Madame Gu!

5. Faith

Faith feadship yacht

Faith was introduced to the yacht industry in 2017. The superyacht is about 96.5m long and features a bent bow and curved exterior. The British design studio RWD etched the design of the yacht. Core details of the superyacht include a games deck on the bow and a helipad with a hangar spacious enough to harbor a Bell 429 WG helicopter. Now, that’s massive!

In other places, the superyacht entails a swimming pool supported by glass panels as its ceiling and an artificial beach below.

The 2,999GT interior of the yacht was designed by the Parisian studio Chahan Design and offers accommodation for 18 guests and 32 crew members on board.

6. Bliss

Bliss feadship yacht

Bliss is a recent addition to the list of luxurious feadships yachts for sale. It was introduced in 2021 and is about 94.75 meters in length. Since it is relatively new to the herd, its design is quite classy and modern, styled by the designer Studio De Voogt in collaboration with the yacht’s owner. The yacht’s unique power is that it can smoothie cruise the polar regions. Isn’t it terrific?

The modern superyacht is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system giving a high speed of 17 knots for a distance of about 6,000 nautical miles. Other outstanding features of the yacht are nine spacious guest cabins and high ceilings inside a 2,999GT interior.

7. Viva

Viva feadship yacht

After Bliss, we had the entry of Viva in the 2021 list of superyachts. The superyacht is about 94 meters in length, and its remarkable exterior was designed by Azure Yacht and Studio De Voogt, having an “open beach-house style” 2,999GT interior. Peter Marino separately styled the open beach house.

A former charterer of Feadship yachts sponsored Viva superyacht. The superyacht is remarkable because it is an eco-based superyacht, as it exhibits a hybrid propulsion system, a heat managing system, and a waste treatment plant. Isn’t that thoughtful of the founders?

8. Lady S

Lady S feadship yacht

Lady S was introduced to the world in 2019. The superyacht is about 93 meters in length and was sponsored by owners who had worked closely with Michael Leach Design for the yacht’s exterior design. Whereas, for the interior of the yacht 2,999GT, Reymond Langton was selected. The interior design is out of the world and was described as a “beautiful and contemporary jewelry box” by the Dutch Yard.

Other splendid characteristics of the superyacht include a two-deck IMAX cinema, sports facilities for volleyball, golf, basketball, and golf, and a certified helipad. Lady S has everything you can ever desire in your vacation yacht.

9. Royal Romance

Royal Romance feadship yacht

Royal Romance was first introduced to the world in 2015. It is about 92.5 meters in length and houses a “splendid accommodation” inside the 2,900GT interior, designed to house a total of 14 guests and about 21 staff. Seymour Diamond etches the interior design of this exquisite superyacht, whereas the exterior is styled by the boards of Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects.

The primary luxury features you will experience on board include a 12-meter extended deck swimming pool with a width of four meters and a depth of 1.4 meters. The deck region is beautifully lighted at night with premium-quality LED lighting.

10. Aquarius

Aquarius feadship yacht

Last but not least, the magnificent model of Feadship – Aquarius – was introduced in 2016. The superyacht was commissioned by an experienced American yacht owner and expanded to 92 meters in length. The yacht is famous for its contemporary features with quintessential Feadship characteristics, such as a conventional bow and blared superstructure shape. Aquarius was etched by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design along with Studio De Vooght.

The superyacht is engineered to comfortably accommodate a total of 12 guests and 34 staff inside its magnanimous 2,856GT interior. Its twin MTU 16V4000M63L engines power Aquarius to achieve a high speed of 17 knots.

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