How to Find the Best Superyachts for Sale?

This year, let us plan your long-awaited vacation in style, shall we? Or wait, are you planning to host a wedding or organize a business meeting to impress your collaborators? If yes, it is time to purchase a dream superyacht to accomplish all your impending goals.

While the waters of Miami are filled with custom yachts, fully customized from deck to hull, the old saying ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery’ comes into play. This is because the superyachts for sale are constantly competing with their rivals to inculcate unique features into their superyachts. It is an arduous task to determine which super yacht dealer is reliable and who is here to make a profit merely.

However, you can still assess the superyachts yourself if you are well-versed with the various features of a classic superyacht. The method that superyacht owners, designers and engineers adopt puts unique spins on the yacht’s features, making them more glamorous and exciting. What follows is a top list of six characteristics that are must-have superyacht amenities found on all famous yachts in the world.

Top Features of a Quality Super Yacht For Sale

  • All Popular Super Yachts have a Spacious Deck

If you have made up your mind to purchase a super yacht for sale, do not settle for anything mediocre. That’s right, gone are the days when yachts used to have a mere large stateroom on the primary or upper deck. Modern-day super yachts are equipped with a whole apartment built within the private deck to please superyacht owners.

Artists like Blohm & Voss created the superyacht ‘Eclipse’, which currently ranks as the second largest superyacht worldwide at 162.5 metres. Eclipse offers an owner’s deck that measures up to 56 metres in length. Additionally, they have a splendid 119-metre-long motor yacht with a splendid owner’s suite, including an aft-facing spacious balcony. Blohm & Voss shipyard also features ‘Graceful’, another symbol of their excellence in creating dream super yachts.

Another renowned super yacht to own an 80-metre expansive private deck is the CRN superyacht Chopi Chopi. The highly accommodating deck is outside the space on the owner’’s deck. A section of the area is shaded with furnishings ideal for relaxing in the sun or enjoying morning coffee. The rest of the deck is a gigantic helipad, making way for quick business catch-ups. Last but not least, the owner’’s deck in Chopi Chopi also features a beautiful pool and an aesthetic TV lounge.

  • The Best Super Yachts Come in Bold Paints

Are you bored seeing the usual white hulls and black superstructures on superyachts? We understand that the traditional colours do not suit all buyers. Some buyers are very specific about the look and vibe of the super yacht; even green or dark-blue hulls are too outdated for them. Therefore, to please the buyers of super yachts, Feadship developed its coming-of-age super yachts. The creators went for the clever use of metallic blues and greys. The greys cover most of the yacht’s structure, aft to front, in shapes similar to the waves you are surfing on.

  • They have Helipads!

Having a magnificent helipad in their super yacht’s deck is the dream of all owners. Most superyachts for sale come equipped with a high-functioning helipad, ready to receive guests descending for a quick meet-up. The list of superyachts offering helipad service is extended. However, the top 200 brands are taking this feature to another level. The Oceanco Sunrays is offering a helipad 85.5 metre-long with a whirlybird which follows a similar colour scheme. The Lurssen Quatroelle offers a whooping 88-metre wide helipad. Its EC 135 Eurocopter has an impeccable paint job.

If you are not a fan of leaving your chopper alone in the open, you will love the award-winning Feadship Madame Gu featuring a 99-metre wide base for the helipad.

  • Most Super Yachts have Sports Court

We bet you will be surprised to learn that the most famous superyachts offer a range of sports courts for the buyer’s entertainment. You do not have to settle for watching Wimbledon on a large screen when you have an al fresco deck area prepared for sports! Feadship superyachts such as Musahi, Madame Gu, and Hampshire II have spectacular set-ups to take care of your entertainment on board.

The 87.78 metre-long structure of Musashi houses a permanently installed basketball hoop on her aft deck. The design is believed to be inspired by the one on Rising Sun (It makes sense since both these super yachts were sponsored by Larry Ellison). Also, do not skip on the al fresco basketball court found on the majestic Fountainhead, 87.78 metres in length. The superyachts Tatoosh and Octopus are also quite prominent in the list of super yachts as they offer fully equipped sports courts.

Wait, it does not end here. The 78.5 metres long Feadship’s Hampshire II offers its guests the unique experience of playing not just basketball but also badminton, tennis, football and more on its multipurpose foredeck. The crew covers the deck with specially designed nets to stop balls from crossing the realm of the deck. The super yacht also has a squash court and a zipline!

  • You get Spa Facilities with Luxurious Super Yachts

After a long day of having fun or attending meetings, you will get tired and need some relaxation. What will be better than relaxing on a superyacht that offers awesome and fragrant massage rooms and saunas at your disposal? With about 60 tons of marbles embedded in the walls of the Turkish bath of 99.14 metre-long Christina O, we believe this will be nothing less than a good adventure. The bath also includes a hairdressing salon and two fully equipped massage rooms for a relaxing spa.

If you desire a spa that is inclusive of a sauna, the 70-metre-long Rossinavi High Power III is here to fulfill all your wishes. Even yachts that are not huge in size or popular enough harbour a spa and a sauna. For example, the CRN J’ade, which is 60 metre-long, earned its name from the brightly coloured green mosaic tiles that enrich the Turkish bath of the yacht.

  • Super Yachts with Indoor Gardens are in High Demand

Who does not want to be surrounded by nature on a vacation? Are you missing greenery amidst the never-ending blue? Although flowers are pre-ordered by several yacht owners, the unique quality of VSY superyacht Stella Maris is that it offers you a glass-garden on board! Visitors can revel in the luxury of seeing glass-enclosed vertical gardens that are installed on the prime deck to the level above.

The super yacht aims to treat the visitors and the owner to greenery while they surf the blue, away from land. The lush green plants thrive in the yacht regardless of the season. You do not have to venture into the Caribbeans or Bahamas anymore; you are carrying your garden in your voyage.

The best part is that not just the big yachts but even the smaller yachts encourage garden incorporation on the yacht. Even if your budget is limited, you can still opt for a yacht that offers tropical plants, shrubs and flowers on board. This will also help you keep your seasickness at bay!

Where to Find the Perfect Super Yacht Dealer in Miami?

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