Owning a yacht is a matter of prestige and luxury. Yacht is a luxury filled pleasure boat available in varying lengths. Some go for hiring it while some go for Ferretti yachts for sale. Yachts can carry a number of guests and offer a number of extravagant comforts. The luxury amenities make yachts a coveted treasure which everyone wants to own. Designed for private pleasure, they are also utilized to organize parties.

There is a variety of luxury charter yachts. However, motor, sailing, catamaran, and galet are the main ones. These can then be further categorized into sub groups. Luxury yachts also vary as per their speed, and performance. The type of yacht you choose on your vacation will determine the experience you have on your trip. Before going ahead and buying Riva yachts, it is important to understand the types of yachts.

Motor Yachts: With a larger board space than sailing yachts, motor yachts are available in different shapes and sizes. Motor yachts are known for offering a number of luxurious facilities such as swimming pools, entertainment systems, Jacuzzi, and other tools depending on the yacht space.

Sailing Yacht: Bringing the magic of romance onboard, luxury sailing yachts are vessels propelled by the power of wind. They are used in luxury destinations across the globe. A sailing charter is usually used in sailing events. Though a sailing yacht has limited interior volume, it delivers vital experience of sea atmosphere. There are four different types of sailing yachts including classic sailing yacht, Neo Classic, Motor sailer, luxury Gulet, and luxury catamaran.

Expedition Yacht Charter:

This is an exceptional vessel which lets you enjoy the sea atmosphere for prolonged durations. Built with strong material, they display power and stability. Mainly designed for outdoor living, an expediting yacht charter has extravagant space. It is perfect for those who wish to enjoy sometime away from crowd and explore isolated locations of the earth.

Classic Yachts:

A classic yacht is a vessel built between the 1920’s to 1970’s. They are made either with wood or steel. There is something elegant and timeless about a classic yacht that doesn’t reflect in a modern one. They have been transformed with brilliant interiors so that they can offer the level of comfort that a modern yacht offers. Its unmatched opulence definitely steals attention.

Open Yachts:

An open yacht is for those who want to get all the thrill of cruising just within a day or two. It is a fast yacht which is an epitome of luxury life on water. With an artistic and appealing interior, it boasts of glamor. Owing to the speed it offers, it compromises a little upon board spaces and amenities. Though high in performance, open yachts make a hole in your pocket when it comes to fuel costs. But for experiencing speed on water, they are something to go for.

This is it for now. We will look at other yacht types in our upcoming blog post. Which type of yacht do you covet? Comment below