What’s Your Yacht Type?

Yachting is nothing short of a luxury. And owning a yacht is a dream harboured by many. If you are someone who is planning to buy a yacht for yourself or for a special someone, first pick out the right kind of yacht. There are several categories of yachts available and it is up to you to weigh your options and pick the right yacht – express or Pershing yachts for sale – from the options available.

The Sporty Express Cruiser

The Sporty Express Cruiser

Sleek and stylish, these yachts come with a single deck above the hull. The level below the deck has living quarters. Also known as the ‘Mediterranean’ yacht, the open space on the deck of this yacht allows you to sunbathe and tan to your heart’s content. If you live in a place where the summers are not very harsh, the weather is manageable, and are seeking an adrenaline rush, the sporty express cruiser is your boat.

In this very category, there are hard top expresses that come with a top that can be pulled up by a hydraulic system

Pershing Yachts

Skylounger or Motor Yacht

If you prefer more covered space and shade on the deck, the Pershing yacht, is a hard-top express yacht. The Pershing boat is not only powerful but also extremely stylish. It has a fully covered area above the deck, temperature-controlled rooms inside, a huge sunroof, sliding windows, etc.

You can find Pershing boats for sale in your area if you are not keen on purchasing a brand-new boat. You can check out used Pershing yachts and pick one that provides you with all the facilities you require, compare prices, and pick one.

New Pershing Yachts are pretty expensive and it would be best that you consult Pershing yacht brokers in your area to understand the options available.

The Sleek Sedan Bridge Cruiser

The Sleek Sedan Bridge Cruiser

Also known as sedan, fly bridge, and sport bridge; these superyachts in Miami come with an extra space on top of the superstructure. There’s a control station for the captain to work, without interfering with the guests or owners on board. These yachts also have lounging areas and seating arrangements.

If you are somebody who is a yacht for luxury, this is the yacht for you.

Skylounger or Motor Yacht

As the name suggests, this yacht is powered by a motor. These motorboats have a protruding front and a small outside bow space. The sky lounger or motor boat is any of the other above yachts fitted with a motor. They offer the best of luxe and are ideally chosen for a longer cruise when the owner or passengers want to take a long journey.

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