Cutting Edge Yacht Brands for Luxury Yachting

If you are looking for the top mega yachts for sale from across the world, you will come across plenty of options online. It is not easy to navigate through all of them to arrive at the brand you are looking for. To make the search for your dream superyachts for sale easier, we bring to you the list of the top 7 brands that are poised for further success in the future. These brands are already well-known, but their edge lies in their cutting-edge technologies, top-class designs, and futuristic upgrades. Here’s a look at some of the best yacht brands from across the globe!


Founded by Lorenzo Benetti, this Italian yacht brand boasts of being the only brand to have won the Boats International magazine Shipyard Number 1 six times in a row! Benetti is known to build superyachts in its Viareggio, Fano, and Livorno shipyards. However, the most notable is the custom-made, opulent mega and Giga yachts built by the brand. If you are looking for large yachts for sale from Benetti, get in touch with Miami International Yacht Sales to land the best deals!


Ferretti yachts are quite popular when it comes to mega yachts for sale. Their striking lines, unmatched style, and top-notch performance make the vessels a favorite among yacht owners. This Italian yacht brand produces yachts that boast innovative technology, making yachting a wonderful experience for the people onboard. They are a perfect combination of elegant and sophisticated design, safety, and comfort.


Sunseeker is one of the UK’s largest ship-building brands and you can find several splendid mega yachts for sale by this brand. The brand has four superyacht models, ranging from 116 to 162 feet in the large and extravagant categories. Also, it has beautiful 76-100 feet motor yacht models, sports and cruise yachts, and performance boats.


An American yacht-building giant, Westport originally made ocean-going, commercial yachts for use in the North Pacific. Today, this brand has become the biggest yacht builder in North America. It was also the first brand to introduce composite material and it today offers five models ranging from 112 to 172 feet. For those who are looking for the biggest yachts in the world, Westport is a brand that you should not miss!


The Dutch Oceanco is one of the brands that has adopted green practices and is one of the most trusted contenders on this list. This yacht brand is best known for its green boats and unique design innovations. In 2018, the brand introduced the world to Project Bravo which was a 357 ft, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly superyacht that featured a futuristic design. The Oceanco fleet includes boats that are longer than 100 feet, with the largest boat being 361 feet long.


If you are a fan of custom-built boats, then Heesen should be the brand for you. This Dutch brand specializes in tailor-made boats, hence the limited number of vessels in its fleet. This is the reason why owning a Heesen is no easy task. But the luxury yacht brokers with Miami International Yacht Sales can help you find the perfect Heesen yacht that meets your needs.


If you are looking for lighter boats that can challenge the waters yet be eco-friendly, Baltic boats are the perfect choice for you. This brand endorses the slogan ‘Lighter, Stiffer, Faster’, indicating these boats have unique designs and use top-notch technology. Baltic is also one of the few yacht brands that focus completely on sailing boats. They are also committed to caring for the environment and hence use sustainable engineering solutions. If you are looking for the world’s largest yachts that are also eco-friendly, the Baltic fleet is worth scanning.

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