Purchasing yachts can seem daunting unless you have an expert to guide you through the process. At Miami International Yacht Sales, we have an array of options for our buyers, including some of the most popular yachts. If you are particular about your investment in yachts in Miami and wish to buy the best one with luxury features, read the article below to learn more.

Miami International Yacht Sales caters to clients all across the world and harbor only the best yachts for sale. We have been serving the best yachts for sale in Miami since 2011, only expanding our range with each passing day. No matter what extravagant comfort feature you desire for your boat, we can help you find a suitable vessel.

Top 5 Most Popular Yachts You Can Invest In

Riva Yachts

Riva Yachts

Riva yachts came to light in the year 1842 when fishermen faced an ugly storm by the shore. These vessels are known for thoughtful outlines, great comfort, and elegant interiors. The technology that goes behind these boats is quite modern and the design is customizable too. Here are a few renowned features of Riva yachts:

  • Advanced technology and classy designs
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Spacious
  • A grand deck
  • Fully air-conditioned

Ferretti Yachts

Ferretti Yachts

To cover the waters of Miami and beyond, you need a reliable yacht with extensive details of engineering to further highlight its brilliance. Ferretti yachts are for all time’s sake, with their sophisticated designs, unmatched luxury, and durability. Here are the top features of these vessels:

  • High-tech engines for best performance
  • Comfort along with specialized designs
  • A unique blend of style and class
  • All basic facilities included

Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker Yachts

These sensational yachts are famous for long-term cruising purposes, giving their purchaser the satisfaction of unparalleled luxury. The sophistication comes with hand-finish designs and the brand is famous for its elite yachting features. Here are a few notable ones that separate Sunseeker from other vessels:

  • Streamlined body with a magnificent display
  • High performance and durability
  • Come in various sizes, ranging between 38 feet to 161 feet
  • Interiors with artistic layouts and thoughtful designs

Sanlorenzo Yachts

Top Sanlorenzo Yachts

Sanlorenzo Yachts are known to give their clients the satisfaction of a personalized yacht, meeting all traceable standards. Their resistibility and durability are unmatched when it comes to cruising for long distances. Due to their demand in all seasons, Sanlorenzo yachts top the manufacturing list. Here are a few core reasons to invest in this beauty:

  • Interior layout with spacious cabin arrangements
  • A perfect blend of classic and modern interiors
  • Exceptional amenities for entertainment
  • High-quality materials used for craftsmanship

Bertram Yachts

Bertram Yachts

If you are looking for sailboats for sale in Miami, particularly with high speed and great performance on the blue horizon, Bertram yachts would be perfect for your taste. Their excellent engineering and long-term resistibility make them a priority for purchasers. These yachts can withstand all climatic tantrums and assure a steady and smooth fishing experience. Given below are a few renowned features of the yacht:

  • Streamlined body with unbeatable resistance
  • Engineered to withstand all climatic conditions
  • Offers great comfort
  • Ideal for sailing purposes

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Miami International Yachts Sales cater to all kinds of yacht requirements for all budgets. Both our used and new yachts for sale are kept in standard conditions and come with exceptional features to suit varied needs.


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