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Ferretti Yachts’ Important Role in Luxury Yacht Market

Recently in November, the Technavio group, a leading business and market analyst presented a report on the ‘Global Luxury Yacht Market’ with a steady forecast of 12% CAGR, i.e., Compound Annual Growth Rate. In this report, they have stated Ferretti Yachts to be the world’s second largest key player in the yachting industry. Being an industry leader, it holds a particular market share and buyers to enjoy the position.

Mega Yacht Charter

7 Reasons To Have Mega Yacht Charter

Buying a superyacht is a luxury of the uber rich, like Beyonce or Bieber. These superyachts are highly exclusive and are a dream of many yacht owners to one-day own one. These superyachts being very costly is a far-fetched dream for many but you can always have mega-yacht charters! Chartering one of the superyachts is far more viable in the present if you aren’t among the richest.

San Lorenzo Yachts

San Lorenzo Yachts Available At Miami International Yacht Sales!

Considered to be the most glamorous superyacht and boating event, Monaco Yacht Show sported some of the world’s most expensive, professionally crewed private sailing vessels. With over 3 billion euros of yachts on display, the event organizers had announced that they were expecting over 580 exhibitors along with 30,000 participants. These superyachts had about 12 luxurious cars and 2 helicopters on their deck.