Ferretti Yachts Sustainable

The Ferretti Group is known for its best-in-class yachts with advanced technology and beautiful interiors. They are a favorite in the yachting world. If you are looking for Ferretti yachts for sale and are intrigued about the sustainability aspect of the brand, read on to get all the information you need.

The Group has consistently registered remarkable growth figures with buyers across the world when it comes to new and used Ferretti boats for sale. While its revenues and financial growth have seen a constant upward trend, the Group has explicitly demonstrated its commitment to the environment and sustainability. Here is a quick brief on the various initiatives that the company has undertaken to ensure that its processes and functions are clean and green.

Luxury and Innovation

Luxury and opulence are an integral part of the product offerings from the Ferretti Group. Be it used Ferretti yachts for sale or brand-new boats, you will find vessels that are designed to last. However, as far as the end of life of a yacht is concerned, they offer watercraft that can be completely dismantled and recycled.

Wood is an integral part of the components of a Ferretti yacht. But very few know that the wood procured by the Group comes from certified forests. The company is also working on the incorporation of carbon fiber in its new Ferretti yachts for sale, which will be effective in lightening the hull. Thus, the yacht will become lightweight, less fuel-consuming, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ferretti ensures that the components procured to build their yachts comply with strict quality and environmental standards. Also, they are the first company to introduce the leading-edge Hydrogen Propulsion technology that allows yachts under 24 meters to operate in Zero Emission Mode.

Environmental Impact of the Production Process

Ferretti has minimized the impact of the production process on the environment. Ensuring the health and safety of its workers and environmental protection are two areas that are key elements in the Group’s sustainability strategy. The shipyards design their improvement objectives that are focused on reduction and management of process waste, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and health and safety of workers.

In 2019, the Group installed the trigeneration plant in Ancona to produce heat, electricity, and refrigeration. This system cuts down the consumption of electricity and heat needed in the production environments. The sustainability quotient of the vessels by the brand has retained its popularity among buyers, even those who are looking for used yachts for sale.

Value for Local Area

With its growth, the Ferretti Group has triggered value generation for the local area. Besides facilitating the blooming of various small and mid-sized supplier companies, the Group has helped increase employment on a large scale, from having a direct workforce of 1,500 employees and an indirect workforce of approximately 2,500.

The Ferretti Group has kept its commitment to the community and the environment at the center of all its values and business strategies. For this reason, it has been able to instill a sense of passion and belonging – the core values that have set Ferretti apart for decades.

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