How to Buy a Superyacht Things to Consider

How to Buy a Superyacht: Things to Consider

A yacht vacation can be extremely overwhelming and adventurous. The premier facilities, food, entertainment, crew, family and friends around you, beautiful view, and your own mega yacht – nothing can be as perfect as this. However, owning a superyacht in Florida can be an expensive affair. Therefore, you need to know about the things to be considered while purchasing a yacht before you invest your time and money.

Riva Aquarama

Top 5 Riva Yachts of All Times!

Riva’s story started in 1842 with the sudden storm that hit Lake Iseo. The local fishermen were left ravaged as all their boats were destroyed. This was a bad storm that Sarnico, Italy had ever seen. But as we always say, ‘There is a reason behind everything that happens!!’ A young craftsman, Pietro Riva, came forward to repair the vessels. He had just moved from Laglio, Near Coma, but in no time won the trust and hearts of the locals in Sarnico. This was the beginning of the making of two legends – Pietro Riva and the ‘Riva Yachts’.