Boats for Sale in Miami

The Miami skyline constantly witnesses the breathtaking sight of yachts cruising coastal offshore waters. Each boat represents an architectural wonder, and as you watch the spectacle, each vessel entices you more. As one of the well-known brokerages in Miami and other parts of the world, we bring to our customers an incredible selection of these boats. Whether you are a yacht owner or aspire to be one, we invite you to explore our new and used boats for sale in Miami.

Used Boats for Sale in Miami

Used Boats for Sale in Miami

The boating industry in Florida is one of the largest in the US. Over 920,000 registered boats make up the enormous used boat market in the region. When you are looking for used boats for sale with Miami International Yacht Sales, rest assured that you are browsing through the best selection of boats for sale in Miami. You will find a wide range of options in size, type of boat, interiors, length, age, and much more.

New Boats for Sale

Explore New Boats for Sale

If you are an aspiring buyer of a new boat for sale in Miami, you can search from motor yachts to luxury yachts from renowned Dutch yards and exceptional Italian ones to American megayachts for sale. We have a fine selection of new boats for sale from all over the world. You can narrow down your results by selecting specific features or browsing by designer, speed, or more.

Our Full Service

We never regard a yacht as just an asset. We live and breathe boats. They are a source of joy and memory creators with the potential to impact your lifestyle with a positive transformation. That is why when we search for a boat for sale in Miami, we look beyond the features, the architecture, the amenities, and the aesthetics to find something that truly complements your desire, expectations, and lifestyle.

New Boat or Used Boats for Sale in Miami?

When it’s your first time choosing between new and used boats for sale in Miami, the decision-making phase can become overwhelming. However, asking yourself a few questions can ease the process. Do you want to buy a boat for surfing and tubing? Or is fishing your priority? Are you buying for your kids who love waterskiing and wakeboarding? Where and how will you use the boat? Answering the right questions will lead you to your ideal pick. Take your time to research, as it is vital to find the right one that fits your taste, activities, and crew needs.

Then comes the next question: Are you looking to buy a brand-new boat for sale in Miami? Or do you want to try your first experience with a used boat for sale in Miami? The best place to begin your buying journey is online. Compare different models and prices, and see if you can get virtual tours. Consider consulting Miami International Yacht Sales to get personalized expert advice. We offer used and new boats for sale in Miami, so we ensure to provide an unbiased recommendation that perfectly matches your wants and needs.

Purchase a Boat for Sale in Miami with Us

We offer complete support at every stage of the buying process, from arranging technical inspections to sea trials and estimating potential charter income, resale value, and operating budget. Whether you are looking for a new boat for sale or a used boat for sale in Miami, we can help you find the perfect fit. Give us a call today, and we will be happy to schedule a consultation.