Known for delivering the most powerful experiences, Pershing Yachts offer both aesthetics and functionality to owners. If you are a yacht enthusiast, you will enjoy going through the history of this legendary Italian shipbuilding company!
The Complete History of Pershing Yachts

A Complete Timeline of Pershing Yachts!

  • 1981-1991: Establishment

Pershing was founded in 1981 by Italian legends Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onori. They established the Cantiere Navale dell Adriatico shipyard to design and manufacture new Pershing Yachts for sale.
In 1985, they built their first fast-moving Pershing 145 in collaboration with yacht designer Fulvio De Simone. The model was an international success and got much praise for the use of high-tech design. After their first success, they started expanding their production capacities.

  • 1991-2001: Take Over By the Ferretti Group

During the 90s, the Pershing Yachts’ main focus was on expanding their sales in the world markets and designing better and faster Pershing Yachts for sale. In 1998, they joined the Ferretti Group, a world leader in manufacturing luxury yachts. As they became a part of the Ferretti Group, their manufacturing and technical expertise grew, and they began designing advanced yacht models.

  • 2001-2011: Unprecedented Growth

This time was dedicated to adopting advanced construction methods and technology to produce high-performance Pershing yachts for sale. The distinct Italian craftsmanship and high-speed engineering brought the Pershing into the superyacht market.

In 2003, the Pershing 115 project was initiated. This project won them many awards worldwide and was the stepping stone towards the company’s success. By 2005, Itama, a prestigious Italian shipbuilding company, became a part of the Ferretti Group, and Pershing guided their re-launch.

2011-2021: The Journey Towards Excellence Continues

Since its inception, Pershing has introduced many yacht models, including the Pershing 108, Pershing 90, and many more. Innovative design paired with state-of-the-art technology has made them leaders in the sport and custom yacht segments. Pershing yachts for sale are not only a commercial success but also aim to provide the best experience.

Key Moments of the Pershing Yachts

  • 2008: Won three awards at the Cannes Festival for their Pershing 64 and Pershing 80. The awards were in the appraisal of the craft’s structural design and contemporary features.
  • 2019: The Ferretti family has taken the initiative to move towards a sustainable future. This includes the manufacturing of a Pershing yacht for sale with sustainable materials and energy-efficient technology.
  • 2020: Pershing won the World Yacht Trophies 2020 for Pershing 7X in the best exterior design category. Along with high-speed engines that can reach up to a maximum of 52 knots, Pershing Yachts for sale also boast stylish interiors and exteriors.
  • 2021: Pershing triumphed at the Motor Boat Awards 2021 in the custom yacht category with Pershing 8X. With this major award, Pershing proves itself as a leader, thanks to its high standard for quality and innovation.

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