The popularity of recreational boats is growing by the day across the globe. The reason for this increasing popularity is that these boats are equipped with the finest features that offer the best of luxury and comfort. For those who have engaged in recreational boating quite often, a preference for certain features surfaces over time.

Best Leisure Riva Boats

Here are a few features of popular leisure boats such as Riva boats that have found takers across the globe:

Important Features in Recreational Boats

  • Comfort & Safety

Safety is paramount and there is no denying that it is the first feature that anyone renting a yacht or boat will look for. Also, the comfort that the boat offers is a priority too. If you are planning a long trip, you would want comfortable seating and enough space to rest and lounge.

Boats that have additional comfort-related features such as shade, covered heads, and adequate safety arrangements are finding more takers now! Just one of the reasons why Riva yachts have so many admirers!

  • Efficient Engine Placement

The placement of the engine is a critical aspect to consider. Most popular boats such as Riva boats place the engine as far back on the boat as possible so that there is more open space for boating activities. If you are considering renting a small boat, pick out one that has such an engine placed in a manner that allows you enough space to rest and sit.

  • Storage Space

Storage is another important aspect that most recreational boating enthusiasts are looking for. However, extra storage does not come for free. So if you have to invest a sum to get some extra storage, do not hesitate. With extra storage space, you will have enough space to store fishing rods, baits, snacks, or gear. Keeping enough space is critical for your safety too. You will have enough space to operate the boat and even move around without the fear of stumbling on clutter. Riva boats offer a new level of storage space that is adequately covered to prevent any kind of damage to your belongings.

Popular Recreational Boats

  • Riva59 Mercurius

Manufactured by the Ferretti Group is one of the finest recreational boats. This Riva boat offers the best of safety, comfort, and storage. Riva 59 Mercurius offers stowage compartments onboard fitted with latches to ensure that your belongings stay safe and in the same place while you enjoy your ride. It also has a garage that can accommodate a 10’RB.

This boat stands out because of its stunning exteriors. A major reason for the popularity of this high-powered vessel is that it is safe and comfortable.

  • Riva Dolcevita

The Riva Dolcevita measures 110 feet and is fitted with two engines to give you a powerful sailing experience. This Riva yacht looks magnificent with its stunning interiors and spell-binding exteriors. In terms of adequate seating space, the Riva Dolcevita is equipped with the best luxurious furniture to give you a relaxing environment. From a full-fledged living room, beautiful dining space, and super comfortable bedroom, this boat offers you nothing less than what top hotels offer.

  • Riva Domina

Did you know that this Riva boat has an ál fresco’ window that hydraulically raises and opens the salon to the aft deck? Riva Domina is also a hugely popular recreational boat that offers plush interiors and super stylish exteriors. The Riva Domina is a great choice for those looking for comfort, safety, and adequate storage.

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