Sailboat for Sale

It’s time to part ways with your old sailboat and look for an upgrade! But before you think about buying a new sailboat for sale in Miami, you need to sell your used one first. Now selling anything yourself can be tedious and complicated. Luckily we are here to help you figure out all you need to know to prepare your sailboat for sale.

Clean Your Sailboat

The first impression is all that matters, and it is especially true when it comes to sailboats for sale. A potential buyer always looks at the visual appeal first, and if it isn’t up to the mark, selling your sailboat can soon become challenging. Also, buying a used sailboat is a risk the buyer is taking; how you present your sailboat indicates hope you maintain it well. Imagine yourself in the buyer’s place and finding gunk in the engine dipstick or finding suspicious brown water in the bilge.

Therefore, you always need to maintain your boat correctly so that the buyers aren’t put off, or worse; you get a low ball offer. Now, let’s start with what to clean? Wax the hull, add a bit of a shine to the metal by polishing it, and finish off by adding a fresh coat of varnish. Ensure that your no-skid surfaces aren’t full of stains. Also, check the condition of your teak deck. Ideally, it should be grey. Get them fixed if you see these issues, as they will add value to thousands.

Enough about the exteriors; the interiors require a lot more attention. Remove the stains and dirt from your carpets by using simple shampoo. Do not forget about the upholstery, curtains, and drapes. If anyone on board is a smoker, pay extra attention to interior cleaning.

Coming to the galley, you do not want your buyers to see all the spills and nasty crumbs in your oven or stove from the last time you tried to cook. You also need to clean the refrigerator and clean it for any stains or smells. If there is any foul odor, opt for an open box of baking soda to absorb all the smell. Cabinets and bulkheads also need to be deep cleaned. Get a strong household cleaner and get to work. Go into nooks and crannies to avoid missing a spot.

Last but not least, the bilge. We recommend calling a professional and opting for steam or pressure clean to restore it to its previous glory. All yacht brokers will tell you it is all about looks at the end of the day.

Does It Smell Nice?

When you enter a room, you want to smell nice and clean and fresh. You do not want to be welcomed by a burst of foul odor. The same logic applies to your sailboat for sale. Yes, the first step is to scrub it all up. But what to do with that funky smell that still lingers? The odd combination of mildew, oil, and sometimes even a dirty bilge. Ensure that your sailboat for sale is adequately deodorized to smell fresh and new. Chemicals are readily available to neutralize aroma. Let the air pass through and provide proper ventilation by leaving ports and hatches open.

De-Clutter Your Sailboat

Decluttering is a tedious task but one of the essential tasks ever. You need to empty almost everything from your sailboat for sale because it will not be yours anymore. Therefore, potential buyers need to see it in its base version. First and foremost, remove all your junk, stray corks, and maybe some shackles; throw them in the bin.

As we return to the original version, you will need to de-personalize your boat. Any personal items such as pictures, toiletries, gear, clothes, etc. Remove anything that reflects you. The buyers need to imagine themselves in the boat, and that won’t be possible if they see pictures of your family lying around.

Patch Up Your Sailboat

This is when you fix up every part of your sailboat that needs a little attention. You do not want to give the buyers a bad impression. Problematic windshield expired fire extinguisher; it is time to fix and replace. Ensure that your life jackets are in safe conditions and that flares still have a date on them. Check if your engine starts properly, as batteries might be drained when displaying your boat to potential buyers. Have your engine steamed and wire brushed to have it in the best condition possible. In the case of electronics, do not upgrade as people have different tastes, and they might replace it anyway.

Pick The Right Price

Know the difference between the seller’s price, fair market value, and the buyer’s price. As a seller and an owner, it is evident that you will overvalue your sailboats, and buyers are trying to find the best product for the lowest price. The best place to start is the market value. Check what the range for a sailboat that is similar to yours is. The one thing you want to avoid is pricing it too high and letting it be on the market for months. Also, do not price your boat too low from the market value, as buyers might become skeptical over the condition of the sailboat. Keep it in the same range as some of your competitors and if anyone makes a close enough offer, grab it. Do not lose a sale over a few bucks.

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