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Yacht chartering in Miami is a normal event but it can be a lifetime experience for many. However, to charter a yacht is not a simple task.

Let us check a few questions that would help you when chartering a yacht in Miami – usually, these vary from details about locations, amenities at the yacht, rent, safety, and many more. These answers would clear a lot of your doubts about chartering a yacht in Miami.

Do You Need a Yacht Broker?

Planning a vacation also needs your complete control over every minute detail of your holiday. Charter brokers will work with you to make your dream vacation a reality and make the trip as comfortable as possible.

It actually depends if you want a yacht charter broker, but you should contact them. It makes your task a lot easier. Most of the large yachts get leased through charter brokers. They are experienced and know the ins and outs of the yachts and the crew, and they also serve as a mediation between the owner and the clients.

Contact the charter brokers at least 3-6 months before your trip. It would take time for them to arrange for a perfect match for you.

yacht charter Miami

How to Choose the Right Yacht Charter in Miami?

You need to answer a few questions to decide which yacht would be the best for you. However, if it’s just about the fun of cruising, then you can select the one that you like the most. But if you plan a party, the broker would want to know the details to help in deciding the best yacht for you. Consider answering these questions.

  • Number of people attending the party – This would help in finalizing the size of the yacht. Do not forget to give specific details about children. They would need special attention and a fun area. Normally, 8-12 people can be accommodated, the maximum being in the luxury yachts.
  • Facilities in the yacht – There are a lot of options available, including water sports, a gym, movie theatres, beach clubs, a jacuzzi, and even pools. Depending on your requirements, the broker will select the yachts with the amenities you want.
  • It is advisable and preferred by the clients as well to check the yacht before booking it. Hence, do not hesitate to ask your broker for a visit.
  • Your budget will also play a crucial role in selecting the yacht.

There are also options to charter a yacht with no crew. Here, you would need to take care of everything. Let me tell you, if you plan to take this up as a challenge, some certification or prior boating experience is required in some countries. Hence, research before you decide.

  • Can you choose your destination?

Of course, you can! The crew along with the broker might suggest a few options and will work the best way to make the trip all the more fun for you and the guest. You are free to choose your desired location. Usually, for summers people prefer the Mediterranean whereas more yachts are seen in the Bahamas and Caribbean during the winters.

  • What about the food arrangements?

It’s all about you and your guest. Select the menu as per your taste buds and enjoy the exotic delicacies. The broker can help here as well. He would know the chefs and their expertise, hence, it would be easier to choose the one you need.

  • Are pets permitted on board?

Well, this completely depends on the owners of the yachts. Some allow, some don’t. You need to specify to the broker if you plan to bring your pet animal on the cruise with you.

  • What would the charges or payment include?

Fuel, food and beverages, gratuities, and port charges are not included in the yacht payment. These are extra on-board expenses and can be discussed with your broker. The technical term for this is ‘Advance Provisioning Allowance’. It requires a prior payment. The Captain of the yacht will keep a check on the details and provide an itemized invoice. At the end of the trip, a refund is processed if any amount is left in the account.

  • What are the gratuity charges?

This is the service charge you pay while on the yacht. In simple words, this is the tip you give for the services provided to you. It ranges between 10% to 15% or more depending on your experience.

  • How is the payment done?

Usually, 50% of the charter amount is paid at the time you sign the agreement. The Advance Provisioning Allowance and the remaining amount comes due a month before your cruise.

  • Do you need a Captain?

Yes! Besides keeping the cruise as interesting as possible, the most important part of his duty includes the safety of you and the guests on board.

  • Will you be able to use cell services?

Yes! Most of the yachts have satellite communication systems. You can use the internet and your cell services as well.

  • What if you have to cancel the booking?

The agreement will have this option as well. Details would be stated in the document and you can discuss the same with your broker about cancellation insurance.

The contract will include all the details about the yacht charters, including breakdowns or some trouble caused due to the weather.

The best part of chartering a yacht is that everything is according to your wishes – from the itinerary to the food, amenities, crew, everything. The start and end of the charter, including the time and place, will be based on your convenience.

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All set to enjoy your trip! Happy cruising!