Yacht brokers are akin to real estate agents. Whenever anyone wants to buy Riva yachts, they consult a broker to find and purchase a boat. These are agents who are contacted by companies or people to list, represent, and sell yachts for them. Though they are paid commission by sellers, they owe responsibility both to the buying and selling parties.

Boat dealers are equipped with knowledge about the novel boat lines introduced in the market. Some dealers often renovate the boat or yacht before presenting it for sale in the market. They perform a number of duties right from providing information on different types of yachts to covering warranty for yachts.

Addressing Your Inquiry:

In the initial stage of yacht buying, you can communicate your yachting needs to the broker. A professional broker truly understands your needs so that you can determine the type of yacht which can meet your needs and also deliver great value according to your budget. Whether you decide to buy a pre-owned boat or a new one is totally your take.


Brokers dealing in yacht business from a number of years have complete knowledge on paperwork requirements as per the yacht type, your citizenship, and the country where the yacht is being sold. He arranges everything right from initial offer to a bill of sale to licensing and registration. A yacht broker will have detailed information regarding the admiralty liens on the kind of vessels they represent and also about agency contracts, and all types of agreements, including listing and closing.

Negotiating the deal:

For anyone who wants to buy Riva yachts, a broker serves as a middleman to negotiate between the buyer and seller. He helps to strike the deal at a rate which is acceptable both the buyer and seller.

Sea Trial and Survey:

Before buying the yacht, the buyer has the right to get a sea trial. They are also ready to pay surveyors for marine surveying services and for taking the boat in the water for testing.  The survey will help you get information about the existing condition of the vessel. Your yacht broker will accompany you during the sea trial and marine survey. This will help you address any problems, if any, in the working condition of the yacht. The broker can help you estimate the time and cost required to repair or replace any of the parts.

Simply put, a yacht broker assists you in every stage of yacht acquisition. Right from finding the right yacht to yacht maintenance post the sale of the yacht, they handle everything.

However, yacht broker must not be confused with a person who helps in chartering a boat for holidaying. A yacht broker is different from yacht charter broker. A yacht charter broker assists in securing a yacht charter in Miami. He assists you in chartering luxury yachts or small yachts used for holidaying or vacationing. On the other hand, a yacht broker assists in buying a yacht.