Bertram is a Miami-based yacht company that has a unique story related to the first version of the yacht which participated in the Miami-Nassau Race in 1960 and won it. Since then Bertram has been creating excellent sport fishing yachts.

Having a long American heritage, Bertram yachts are known for the finest materials and developing methods used. With its new outlook towards designs, Bertram has definitely created a place of its own. Richard Bertram’s fondness for yachting made this a winning organization.

Bertram Yachts

Let Us Check Some Interesting Facts About Bertram Yachts:

A prototype that won the Miami-Nassau Race in 1960 gave a breakthrough to Bertram Yachts.

They are the ultimate for an extremely wonderful sailing experience. Their innovative style, robust and powerful build, amazing designs, and most advanced technology make them one of the best choices ever for sailors.

Richard became famous when he won the memorial race organized for his partner’s farewell tribute who passed away in 1963. When Ferretti Group took over Bertram, it changed the designs and built new models. Today, Bertram Yachts is owned by the Gavio Group.

The foundation of Bertram Yachts is in itself an interesting story. During one of his races, Richard Bertram noticed a 23-foot-long powerboat designed by C. Raymond Hunt. Its beauty and awesomeness mesmerized him so much that he wanted to build his own. Therefore, in 1960, with the help of the designer, he built his first powerboat and named it after his wife’s pet name, Moppie. This is how Bertram Yachts came into existence.

Moppie’s performance was spectacular. Cruising 30 knots in rough seas was not to be seen during that time. Today, it is one of the three models that Bertram produces but at 35’.

Did you know, that Bertram’s production unit was designed in a way that it could work as a food-processing warehouse as well? This was plan B for Richard just in case he needed but fortunately, it was never required.

Bertram yachts are known for their unique deep-V hulls. Even in the roughest of seas, this design allows the yachts to remain stable at high speed. They have some of the industry’s best quality control systems and R&D units. The hull designs are engineering expertise which made the difference. The hulls are strong construction and can hold better than any other material.

Bertram yachts are strong and able to survive storms which have the capacity to destroy yachts completely.

46 Convertible is one of the most popular Bertram Yachts. Small ones include 33, 37, and 54 Convertible. 42 Convertible is another medium-sized and not-so-heavy piece that is in demand.

Bertram 28 Moppie is of supreme quality and a well-styled yacht. It is known for its features such as the strong fiberglass V structure with a 23-degrees of transom deadrise. However, the most attractive part still remains the bi-level cockpit format which is flexible in design with a broad space.

The designing and crafting of the Bertram yachts are done with utmost care using the finest materials. Every detail is taken into consideration keeping in mind the performance and utilization of the yacht including elegance and comfort. Bertram yachts are known for stability and speed, especially in rough seas.

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