Pershing Yachts are known for their performance and looks. A year ago, the brand announced the launch of their latest range that would redefine luxury in the 20 to 30-meter range. The delivery of this fantastic boat is just around the corner. So here is a look at the First 35 Metre TØ range and what to expect from this stunning yacht.

Pershing yachts for sale

What is the TØ?

TØ is the first 35.2-meter unit from the brand and is believed to revolutionize the concept of sport yachting. The first announcement of TØ was made during the 2020 BOOT Dusseldorf show and is the result of collaboration with the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and the group’s Engineering Department. The first hull of this superyacht is believed to arrive at the Pershing Yard this summer.

This boat Pershing yacht has been designed using traditional construction methods and milled blocks. They intend to transfer the mold to the construction site through an eight-stage transfer process.

What to Expect from TØ?

Hailed to be a revolutionary unit, the TØ has been created using a mix of expert craftsmanship, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. As a result, the TØ is expected to take sport yachting to the next evolutionary level.

Unlike Anything Seen Before

While the Pershing Yachts brand claims TØ is not going to be like anything seen before, will it be as big as their claims? Interestingly, TØ has taken into account the new demands of its customers, which makes it exclusive and unique. While it is set to redefine yachting, the boat shall maintain the strong and evident Pershing style.

Top Design and High Performance

Pershing yachts promise the TØ to be on another evolutionary level. This is because expert craftsmen are merging their skills in innovation and cutting-edge technology to create this beauty. With the best engineers with their hands on the deck, the TØ is expected to showcase impressive performance and top-class design.

Fantastic Living Spaces

In Pershing designer Fulvio De Simoni’s words, TØ will offer game-changing new standards in yachting pleasure. To achieve this, the Pershing Yachts team worked together to re-engineer the common yachting concept. The TØ is expected to have superior onboard liveability, comfort, and maximized volume. You can also expect well-integrated indoor and outdoor space on the TØ.

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