Luxury Yachts are the epitome of sophistication when it comes to their design and features. Designed by the finest architects, these superboats offer world-class luxe. This is one of the factors that decide the high prices of mega-yachts on sale. The design element in super boats has evolved over the years and currently, luxury boats offer mind-blowing opulence.

Mega and Super Yachts

Here’s a glance at the most outstanding features that some of the largest superboats of this era have to offer:

Spaces with Natural Light

Just as you would find in houses on the shore, you can find super boats offering ample space that is flooded with natural light. These days the design element moves away from the stereotypical nautical designs. As a result, you can see the design element move away from the traditional window design on a boat.

For instance, private owners’ decks are a feature that demonstrates this feature beautifully. The Eclipse, which is the second-largest yacht in the world, offers a spacious private deck that is 56 meters in length. You can check out super yachts on sale and their features on the Miami International Yacht Sales website.


Imagine being picked up from the airport and being dropped off on the deck of your yacht. That sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Superboats such as the Oceanco Sunrays and Lurssen Quattroelle which feature on the list of 100 largest yachts in the world have helipads that allow you to land directly on your boat.

The Oceanco Sunrays have a helicopter painted to match with the original vessel. The Lurssen Quattroelle EC135 Eurocopter has a quirky print.

Drive-in Tender Bay

Superyachts such as the Palladium, which is one of the world’s largest yachts, come with innovative and floodable tender garages that allow guests to board from within the yacht. The Lurssen Octopus is another such boat that features tender garages for multiple boats. The super boat has the space to park two vessels – one of them a custom Vikal named Man-of-War and the other is a mini-submarine.

Sport Courts

Would you prefer watching a basketball match on TV or playing it in the middle of the sea? Confused? A stunning feature the superyacht Musashi offers is a permanently mounted basketball hoop on her aft deck.

Exact Replica Tender

Most super boats offer tenders as they help transport guests from the shore to the boat while ensuring they are safe from wind and water. The Palladium has customized its tender boats by getting them designed to match the mother boat’s styling. It has two 10-meter tenders that have been built by Cougar Marine, as per specifications from Michael Leach Design – the designer of the mother boat.

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