Mega yachts are the epitome of luxury. Be it buying a mega yacht or renting one for a special occasion, it is not an easy task to pick out a luxury yacht one from the vast catalog of yachts that ply the waters. From stunning exteriors to super luxe interiors and unmatched performance, here is a list of mega yachts that have proven their mettle over decades and still astound yacht lovers from across the world with their beauty and performance.

Mega yachts are considered to be unique because of the unparalleled experience they provide to their passengers. Generally, with the consumer landscape shifting towards purchasing experiences over products, yacht enthusiasts are now booking these mega yachts for sale for their recreational value.

If you are a yacht enthusiast, here is a list of the top mega yacht brands in the world that you can look at for renting or buying through Miami International Yacht Sales – the leading mega yacht dealers in Miami:

Top Mega Yacht Brands


Lorenzo Benetti

Even after the turn of the century, Benetti is hailed as the Goliath of the yachting world. Benetti is an Italian company that was founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873. It was later purchased by the super-yacht builder Azimut in 1984. Benetti builds its super yachts for sale in the shipyards of Viareggio, Livorno, and Fano. It is the only yacht brand that has won the Shipyard Number 1 award by the Boats International magazine for six times in a row!


Sunseeker yacht for sale

Sunseeker is synonymous with extravagance and opulence and is one of the world’s largest yachts. Sunseeker is one of the super mega yacht builders in the UK and mainly manufactures its vessels in Dorset. This brand offers four superyacht models ranging from 116 feet to 161 feet. It also offers five beautiful, motor yachts ranging between 76 feet and 100 feet; sports and cruise yachts ranging between 52 and 744 feet. Regardless of the size, Sunseeker yachts epitomize opulence and performance.


Westport yachts for sale

Westport is an American brand, which was founded in 1964. The brand is the largest yacht builder in North America and originally produced commercial, power yachts for the North Pacific. Westport mega yachts are known for their high-quality construction that makes them strong and steady on the waters. Westport was the first yacht brand that introduced composite materials in the construction of the yacht. Today, Westport produces five models ranging between 112 feet to 172 feet.


Feadship yacht for sale

Feadship of The Netherlands stands for the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. This brand belongs to the elite group of shipyards across the globe and is best recognized for the high-end yachts they manufacture. Feadship craftsmen work closely with owners of super yachts in Miami to ensure that the motor yachts they deliver measure up to the expectations of their clients. Feadship can easily be called one of the top brands of mega yachts across the globe.

So besides the opulence, luxury and performance, why are mega yachts considered to be unique? Read on to know more:

Why is Mega Yacht Considered Unique?

Unmatched Experience

Mega yachts and super yachts in Miami are world-wide famous because they offer you an incomparable experience. A mega yacht for sale comes with modern amenities that provide you with an opportunity to unwind and spend time with your loved ones in the privacy of your quarters. You can also perform different recreational activities at sea with the help of an experienced crew.

Modern and Attractive Designs

Mega yachts are known for creative designs and features that can enhance your sailing experience. These international boats for sale feature pools, spas, elegant suites, a private terrace, and a contemporary deck, to name a few amenities. Mega yachts boast cutting edge technology with unprecedented performance to give you an unforgettable sailing experience.

A Long-Term Investment

If you are looking to invest in an asset that will stay with you for a long time then investing in a mega yacht for sale is a good decision. It helps to know that cars and other vehicles suffer more wear and tear than boats.

International boats for sale are expensive but offer several recreational activities that make up for the expenses. Moreover, reputed international yacht brokers such as Miami International Yacht Sales can offer you expert advice and can introduce you to a variety of used international boats for sale and new international boats for sale and motor yachts for you to choose from.

Yachts are Limited Edition

Doesn’t it feel good to own a yacht that only a few people in the world have? Super yachts in Miami and around the world are available in a finite number. They are exclusive and offer an unparalleled, luxurious setting. Moreover, used yachts for sale are a limited edition watercraft designed with contemporary and lavish features that creates a sense of exclusivity and prestige.

Endless Exploration of the Sea

If you love exploring the sea, then luxurious yachts are ideal for you. Equipped with a powerful motor, luxurious yachts can help you explore the deep waters to your heart’s content.

If you relish yachting experiences, then nothing can compete with owning a mega yacht. Superyachts for sale and mega yachts for sale come with bespoke features and represent opulent luxury and indulgence.

If you are shopping for a yacht, then collaborating with a well-known international yacht broker can help you find the right mega yacht for sale.

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