Planning an on-water trip! Sounds amazing! A charter yacht vacation can be extremely adventurous and fun if organized well. You need to choose the best yacht for your group which would have premier facilities and is not harsh on your pocket. Owning a superyacht is an expensive affair but you can definitely enjoy the cruise with a mega yacht charter.

While planning to charter a luxury yacht in Miami there are certain points that need to be considered. It can be a daunting procedure for some while others may enjoy every second. Let us walk through the process of chartering a yacht in Miami.

luxury yacht charter

Charter Broker Can Help

You may think that you can do this alone but it is recommended to hire a broker who would guide and help you in chartering a yacht. In precise words, he is your only route to a hassle-free and organized charter process making your life much easier than expected.

You can discuss your requirements with the broker and he will ensure that you take care of every minute detail. Make sure you are more succinct and comprehensive in sharing your expectations from the superyacht charter. He will be able to suggest you the best options considering your specifications for the tour. With his experience and expertise in the field, he may add some points that you might not have thought could be beneficial for you. Discuss every member’s requirement with the broker including your budget.

Select The Luxury Yacht and the Destinations

Before finalizing the superyacht charter, you need to define the number of people who would travel in the luxury yacht with you. Moreover, understand their requirements and choices. These would help you decide the yacht which suits best for the group.

The yacht should be comfortable, safe, and in your budget. Decide if you want a lot of space on the deck, inside the yacht, or both. The most important aspects while selecting a luxury yacht are safety and privacy concerns. Give yourself enough time before finalizing the best fit.

Determine how many stops you want and where. This will help the charter broker decide on the best yacht options for you. For example, the size, flag, and speed of a yacht influence the number of stops it can make including the locations.


Tick the facilities and amenities you want on board along with the things that you wish to do on the trip. For example, water-skiing, snorkeling exploration, scuba diving, etc. Also, specify if you want wireless facilities in the yacht. Once you and your group have decided on how they would spend the time, talk to the charter broker in detail. All the yachts might not have the features you want. Therefore, make sure that the broker takes care of everything before you start the cruise.

Prior information is advisable if there are kids on board. Special care will be arranged for them including some water toys and other entertainment methods to keep them engaged and contented.

When To Book

Once you are done with the above points, you can book the yacht which should be at least a year in advance. Availability of the kind of yacht with features that you want will be a task for the broker. Hence, time is required. Moreover, the cost would also be a concern. immediate booking can be expensive as compared to advance booking.


Advance payment has to be made. Take the details of the fee and what it covers. Ask if you need to pay for anything extra onboard. Do not hesitate to seek answers to all your queries.

A particular amount of the charter fee is to be paid before you depart. Break-up of the charges could be for food, fuel, provisions, etc. If the cost increases during the cruise, it will be collected from you at the end of the trip and vice-versa. Everything will be mentioned in the contract. The broker will take care of this including the refund or extra payment if required.

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Ready to climb on board! Relax and enjoy! Happy cruising!