Riva’s story started in 1842 with the sudden storm that hit Lake Iseo. The local fishermen were left ravaged as all their boats were destroyed. This was a bad storm that Sarnico, Italy had ever seen. But as we always say, ‘There is a reason behind everything that happens!!’ A young craftsman, Pietro Riva, came forward to repair the vessels. He had just moved from Laglio, Near Coma, but in no time won the trust and hearts of the locals in Sarnico. This was the beginning of the making of two legends – Pietro Riva and the ‘Riva Yachts’.

It was in Sarnico that the first Riva yachts were released. In no time, they won overwhelming respect and recognition for their style and excellent designs. After that, the company never looked back. It has persistently achieved success in designing high-quality luxurious mega yachts. Riva Group is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of luxury fiberglass yachts in the world.

It is difficult to select a few from the wide and awesome range of Riva Yachts, however, let us check the top 5 Riva Yachts which truly deserve the place.

1. Riva Aquarama

Riva Aquarama

Riva Aquarama is Carlo Riva’s most famous design. Over the years, it has become a nautical legend. Its name was taken from wide-screen Cinerama movie format which was very popular in those days.

The Riva Aquarama is a luxury yacht that is made of wood. No fiberglass is used here. The hull or the frame of the yacht is inspired by an earlier model of Riva, the Riva Tritone. The craftsmanship’s elegant smooth lines reflect a piece being creatively sculpted and not just built. Because of its luxury, grace, and speed, Riva Aquarama is known as the Ferrari of the boat-world.

The entire range of Riva Aquarama yachts has twin-engines. The fastest among the Aquarama yachts is the Lamborghini Riva Aquarama.

2. Riva Aquariva

Riva Aquariva

‘A masterpiece with a legend in her wake’ – This is what Riva Group calls Aquariva Super.

Aquarama and Aquariva Yachts are the most popular designs. Manufactured during the 50’s, these are strong and elegant wooden motorboats. Later, Riva switched to fiberglass creating much bigger vessels.

Powered by two engines, Riva Aquariva is known for speed, elegance, and the greatest contemporary manifestation of the classic Riva. The Riva Super is a sleek and amazing piece. It was designed to take up the story of a legend and for sure the purpose was accomplished in style.

Some even call it the most deserved heir of the iconic Aquarama. And Aquariva proudly possesses the latter’s glamor and charm adding to its own fresh modern variation with her high-tech state-of-the-art hull and appurtenances.

3. Riva 63’ Virtus

Riva 63’ Virtus

63’ Virtus is one of the biggest open yachts using advanced yacht technology and Italian design. It is recognized for its refinements and charm. The interiors are comfortable and spacious with finest designs.

The twin engines used in this yacht help in contributing to the excellent performance. The maximum speed it can touch is around 40.5 knots.

4. Riva Domino Super

Riva Domino Super

88’ Domino Super is known as “Perfection Plus” by the Riva Group!

As it is known, the 88 feet Domino Super was designed to improve perfection. And the mission was accomplished in complete style. The well-crafted hull and lines have the artistic look which has the power to entice you completely and absolutely.

Domino yachts are considered to be an advanced version of a comparatively smaller yacht. And known for one of the best combinations of advanced technology and stylish-comfortable interiors. They have the ability to strike the eyes immediately.

The shades of grey used for the hull and structural parts of the yacht give a very creative look. Moreover, the sun-deck provides extra comfort and bestows a sporty allure to its dynamism. The sleek smaller design provides less weight and volume with a bigger beam-length ratio, and definitely enhanced performance. Domino yachts can achieve a maximum speed of about 38 knots.

5. Riva 75’ Venere Super

Riva 75’ Venere Super

Riva 75’ Venere Super is a redesigned version of Riva’s most appreciated models. The restyling of the previous models was to provide spacious and comfortable interiors. Therefore, the new design included a luxurious sofa that could accommodate 6 people. It also features an elegant, aerodynamic line with a modern, slim hard top enhancing the flexibility and versatileness.

A swimming platform was added for sea sports. The hull glazing on the lower deck brought in good amount of sunlight and excellent view of the sea.

Since 2000, Riva has been a part of the Ferretti Group. No denying to the fact that from the very first moment you laid your eyes on any of the Riva vessels, you wish to own one immediately. Every piece has the power to entice you completely by its own elegance and charm.

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