Thanks to the Italian yachting tradition, the Ferretti Group has risen in prominence due to its constant ability to innovate and construct contemporary yachts. Ferretti yachts for sale have classic Italian style and offer yacht owners many cutting-edge features for the best sailing experience. Their yachts take center stage when it comes to functionality, design, and exclusivity. If you are curious to learn more about this exclusive yacht designing group, here are some facts that will surprise you!
Ferretti yachts for sale

5 Things About the Ferretti Group That You Need to Know!

  • They Have a Huge Portfolio

Ferretti Group owns and manages the world’s largest yachting companies including prestigious names such as the Pershing Group, Riva Group, Itama, and Mochi Craft, and their latest acquisition is the Wally Group. These acquisitions have helped them to enhance their research and engineering capabilities to design leading yacht models. With a presence in over 70 countries and an international yacht brokerage system, they provide a sailing experience that no other company can match.

  • The Group Holds Breathtaking Boating Events Every Year

If you think that the Ferretti Group only engages in buying and selling new Ferretti yachts, think again! They take great pride in hosting numerous boat events during the year to showcase their latest innovations and discuss game-changing yacht technology. Besides holding exclusive events, they have also won many prizes at the World Yacht Trophies 2020 in Cannes for undeniably stylish design and yacht technology. The Italian shipbuilding company wins numerous awards every year for its brilliant design and innovation.

  • Their Focus is Shifting Towards Sustainability

If you look at the latest Ferretti boats for sale, such as the Ferretti Yacht 920 and Ferretti Yacht 650, you will find that their creations hold higher sustainable value. That is because they are focusing on using materials and engineering components that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They have also set up various research and development centers and are coming up with models that focus on using solar energy rather than electricity. Their dedication towards sustainability is a game-changer in the industry, and many companies are following in their footsteps.

  • The Boat Collection is More Diverse Than You Think

Most people have the misconception that the Ferretti Group is only famous for its flybridges. However, their boat collection is much more diverse than you think. They have a unique collection of the flybridge, fisher boat, lobster boat, coupe, open, runabout, and many more. Each of their creation is crafted using high-tech equipment and in collaboration with esteemed committees to ensure the best experience. Whether you are looking for a sporty flybridge for thrilling adventures or a stylish coupe for recreational activities, you can get a Ferretti boat sale to suit your unique needs.

  • Besides Luxury Design, Their Main Success Factor is Engineering!

Mega yachts are evolving, and yacht owners are demanding exclusivity along with cutting-edge features. Ferretti yachts for sale have also evolved over the years, thanks to cutting-edge engineering that enables a comfortable experience for yacht owners. If you look at the Ferretti custom line Navetta 33 or Ferretti yacht 1000, you will notice visible innovations. With enhanced hull strength and propulsion systems, they combine best-in-class materials with the latest navigational technology.

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