The Ferretti Group is a leader in providing quality yachts around the globe. This Italian yacht making company has made headlines for its high-performance and innovative boats. Besides innovating, this group has also increased its focus on sustainability. If you are looking for a Ferretti boat for sale, here are a few interesting facts about how Ferretti yachts are moving towards a sustainable future!

Ferretti yachts for sale

5 Reasons Why Ferretti Yachts are Sustainable!

  • Focus Towards Less Fuel Consumption

If you look at new Ferretti yachts for sale, you will discover that their fuel consumption is comparatively lesser than the older models. That’s because the group is investing in new technologies to make their yachts more energy efficient. Fuel consumption of any boat depends on the efficiency of the engine and the boat’s weight. Through collaboration with top-notch designers and developing cutting-edge technologies, the group is trying various weight reduction techniques. They are focusing on hull weight reduction and any other area of interest.

  • The End Parts of the Yacht Can be Recycled

When superyachts reach the end of their useful lives, they are usually left abandoned. These abandoned yachts can end up cluttering the marinas and the creeks. This waste is becoming a threat to marine life. To ensure that used Ferretti yachts for sale don’t end up damaging the precious ocean, the yacht and its component can be entirely dismantled and recycled. The interiors, engine, equipment, and systems can are recyclable. Moreover, they are also researching techniques that allow the matrix to dissolve itself at the end of its life.

  • Use of Sustainable Materials & Components

The yachting industry is becoming aware of the impact of their creations on the environment. Ferretti yachts for sale use high-quality materials and components to enhance the life cycle of their yachts. If you are looking for sailboats for sale in Miami, you will find that most of them have varied technical features. However, the materials that they feature are not sustainable. The manufacturing of boats involves the use of multiple materials that enhance the durability of the vessel. That way, they can reduce any environmental repercussions.

  • Introduction of Hybrid Propulsion Technology

Besides weight reduction, the company has also been focussing on coming up with an effective solution to reduce emissions into the sea. Ferretti Group of America is one of the pioneers who introduced the cutting-edge hybrid propulsion technology in their mega-yachts. Ferretti yachts for sale feature hybrid propulsion, a propulsion system that allows vessels under 24 meters to operate under zero-emission mode. This technology is innovative as it helps companies to reduce emissions and eliminate noise during sea stops. The Italian shipbuilding company has also improved engine performance that leads to fewer maintenance costs.

  • High Investment in Research

The shipbuilding giant has been setting up research centers to make their manufacturing process more efficient and eco-friendly. They are steadily moving towards building cleaner and sustainable Ferretti yachts for sale. The group’s new plant in Ancona, Italy, is currently finding new techniques to cut the electricity usage by over 70%. They are also looking to set solar panels to make the boats more energy efficient. These initiatives show that they are providing eco-conscious owners with the best experience.

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