In the previous blog post we discussed about different types of Miami Yacht charter. In continuation of that post, I am elaborating on further yacht types.

Miami Yacht Charter


A catamaran yacht is a vessel that brings together two hulls and is perfect for sailing on shallow waters including Caribbean and Bahamas. Known as pantoons, these hulls are built using fiberglass. A catamaran charter can be either sail or engine powered. Offering superior stability when compared to motor yachts, it offers plenty of space for relaxation. It is like a traditional yacht modernized with sophisticated features.

Sport Fisher Yacht:

Built with a strength that helps a yacht sustain for long periods at sea, sport fishing yachts come equipped with latest technology and gadgets. These yachts are designed for sport fishers who like to avail of amenities customized to achieve the aim of big game fishing. Some of them are also capable to explore the untouched fishing grounds located in remote areas of the world.

Gulet Yacht charter:

With its roots in Turkey, gulet yacht charter forms a sailing yacht which falls under a schooner. Now what is a schooner? A schooner is nothing but a sailing vessel with two masts or more. A gulet yacht features an attractively crafted wooden hull. This wood can be sourced from pine, African Mahagony, and Iroko (Teak from West Africa). Originally, these were used as a means of transporting goods to Turkey. Then they were modified to gain stability and ensure the safety of products carried in it. In the modern times, they are artistically crafted to transform them into luxury yachts which carry guests.

Mega yachts:

These yachts are meant for big groups and larger family gatherings. Along with large size, they also feature great facilities that represent a luxurious lifestyle. With ability to accommodate more than 100 guests, they come packed with swimming pools, discos, cinemas, gyms, and spas.

We have seen that yacht types vary according to their speed, performance, purpose, size, and many other factors. Different types of yachts are used for different purposes. By getting in touch with the right Miami yacht broker, who is equipped with detailed knowledge about yachts, you can get the yacht of your dreams. For those who don’t wish to own a yacht and take up the responsibility of maintaining it, there is a facility for getting Miami yacht charters.

When you go for yacht charter, you need not buy the yacht. You can just use it for your purpose or specific number of days, as pre-decided, pay for the usage, and then go your own way. This has helped a number of people organize parties on mega yachts, without having to own them.

Even if you want to buy a yacht, for permanently meeting your relaxation and vacationing needs, Miami yacht brokers can help you in doing so. They are contacted by yacht owners for sale of their yachts. Contact the right person to meet all your yachting needs.