Bertram Yachts is known for its legacy as well as its high-end and highly efficient yachts. It is one of the leading yacht-making companies in the world and has set base in Florida, unlike most others who have set up their yacht manufacturing units in Germany and the Netherlands.

Bertram Yachts for Sale

Bertram Yachts was founded by Dick Bertram who won the 1961 Miami-Nassau race in a record 4 hours and 20 minutes in his 31-foot Moppie, which served as the muse for the modern-day Bertram Yachts. Today the company is owned by Italian corporation Gavio Group, which has retained its manufacturing base in Florida in honor of Bertram’s legacy.

So what is Bertram’s legacy? Here’s a look at the timeline showing Bertram’s growth into the massive, globally acclaimed, and one of the finest Yacht manufacturers it is today!

The 31-foot Moppie that Dick Bertram used for the Miami-Nassau race was ahead of its time in terms of power and performance. It inspired the Bertram line of yachts which found takers worldwide. Following the 31-foot, came a line of immensely powerful and sport-fishing boats that went up to 80 feet. Here’s a look at some of their most popular boats:

The Bertram 35’: The 35’ is a stunning yacht with stylish exteriors and plush interiors. Designed for sport-fishing enthusiasts and families for cruising, this yacht has been provided with a spacious deck and fly-bridge. This convertible comes with a 126 sq. ft. cockpit with a 30-gallon live bait with an aquarium view.

The interiors have been provided with everything that one could wish for an enjoyable day out cruising. From custom-made teak, and dinette tables to microwave ovens and double-door refrigerators, this yacht is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a good day in the waters sport-fishing or simply cruising.

The Bertram 50′: This boat is a little bolder in design and fashioned to face challenges that the sea can throw at you. Stylishly designed, this yacht comes with a two-head layout, offers a lower helm, and comes with two staterooms.

The Bertram 61′: This yacht has been designed on the lines of the older Bertram 54′. This yacht has carved a niche for itself with its advanced technology-aided performance and state-of-the-art propulsion. The best of engineering has been incorporated into this boat with high-end electrical and mechanical systems. As much as its performance is notable, this boat is recognized for its stunning exterior and equally attractive interiors.

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