Many times, people back out from investing in mega yachts because of the high bid or they are not completely satisfied with the kind of yachts offered. It also happens that sometimes they are not well-versed with the kind of mega yachts available out there. To provide you with the right guidance so that you end up investing wisely in a mega yacht, we have curated this article to highlight the best features of the top 7 mega yachts at Miami International Yacht Sales, all available at an affordable rate.

You can go through all the details of the various yachts and decide for yourself which yacht would be best for you, keeping your purpose of purchase in mind.

Top 7 Mega & Superyachts for Sale You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

1. Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker Yachts

If you are looking to buy a mega yacht that is increasingly unique in appearance, elegant, has sophisticated cuts, and sails through water flawlessly, look no further for Sunseeker yachts has got it all covered for you! The interior designs of the yacht are hand-finished, catering to all intricate details of the yacht. The careful layouts and artistic displays never fail to draw one’s attention to the yacht’s uniqueness.

The company builds yachts in many sizes, ranging between the sizes of 38 feet to 161 feet. Even though you are planning to buy a superyacht, you will always have a variety of options at your disposal. Established in the United Kingdom, the builders offer elite yachts such as Sunseeker Predator, Portofino, Manhattan, and other renowned Sunseeker yachts for sale that are available for sale.

Our experts will ensure your money does not go to waste and you get the best mega yacht available for sale out there.

2. Feadship Yachts

Feadship Yachts

Feadship is known to etch yacht designs from their idea of uniqueness and does not take inspiration from existing versions of boats. It believes in delivering a signature touch of excellence to each of the superyacht models it creates. All the yachts that come out of the Feadship brand are an emblem of a masterpiece in themselves. Customization here does not mean tweaking and twisting the existing designs for the clients, but laying out a fresh perspective on paper altogether. All our yachts have distinctive features of their own, giving the buyer an array of designs to select from.

3. Viking Yachts

Viking Yachts

Miami International Yacht Sales is the best platform to invest in Viking yachts on sale. Viking Yachts are known for building the history for very common sportfishing vessels, nevertheless, they have now established themselves as one of the most popular builders of superyachts. Built in the United Kingdom, Viking Princess Yachts are rapidly gaining fame in the United States and other countries. Keep an eye out for these beauties before they get all sold out!

4. Pershing Yachts

Pershing Yachts

If you are on a hunt to buy a brand new Pershing Yacht in Miami, we have the best deals to offer. We bring to you different types of yachts designed and constructed to meet your varied needs. Our Pershing dealers at Miami can assist you in choosing your preferred mega yacht from 500 varieties of unique displays. All yachts come at varying prices, have their functioning, and come with individual stylistic features. You can have a glance at our catalog and decide for yourself which Pershing Yacht model would be suitable for you.

5. Ferretti Yachts

Ferretti Yachts

Ferretti Group America is known to deliver a wide range of mega yachts and boats which are designed with skilled hands and manufactured with careful engineering under exceptional craftsmanship. There are three outstanding features of Ferretti superyachts that are unparalleled to other yachts; the timeless classic appeal of the yacht’s design, its long-term reliability, and the great care when carving its details. If luxury had a face, it would look like the finish of the yachts delivered by the Ferretti group America. They indeed steal the spotlight when it comes to exclusiveness.

6. San Lorenzo Yachts

San Lorenzo Yachts

San Lorenzo yachts offer the most updated sense of fashionable yachts which cater hugely to its elegant designs and luxurious comfort on board. The boatyard of San Lorenzo boatyard proudly dedicates itself to giving complete satisfaction to all its clients, individually adhering to their demands. With undivided attention to detail comes experienced craftsmen who imply the skills of cutting-edge technology to the yacht’s construction process.

San Lorenzo Yachts are undoubtedly at the prime level of manufacturing in the industry currently. They justifiably boast of customized and grand interiors and contact material upgrades in their production.

7. CRN Yachts

CRN Yachts

CRN yachts are the yachts that are an example of a classic blend of luxury, durability, high performance, and the best of comfort and luxury. All elegantly assembled by skilled engineers to deliver this artistic endeavor. If you have been looking for an unparalleled, reliable, and aesthetic example of luxury, impeccable designs, and sheer elegance, then CRN yachts have got it all covered. With their timeless school of styling and well-furnished interiors, CRN yachts come with spacious seating features spread out lavishly throughout her inner chamber; enough to make space for a good number of people.

All in all, CRN mega yachts for sale are an unmatched rival when it comes to combining luxury and prestige.

Is Buying a Yacht a Good Investment?

Buying a mega yacht is indeed a wise investment if you know the best brokerage to invest in. At Miami International Yacht Sales, we make sure that the mega yachts on sale are constructed to meet various purposes. We cover all important aspects of cruising so that every time you step foot into the yacht, you make fond memories and have a luxurious experience on board.

You can easily reach out to us at or call and schedule an appointment at 1305-857-8939. It would be our pleasure to serve you!