Feadship’s Project 2024

The yacht that we are about to discuss today is created by Feadship in partnership with Nauta Design and Feadship De Voogt. Known as Project 2024, this 72.6-metre glamorous, sleek and customizable yacht designed by Feadship will potentially be delivered within the next three years.

According to the company, this Feadship yacht was an answer to market demand. The critical technical aspects of the yachts are designed with utmost perfection due to Feadship’s expert yacht-making experience. All that you are left with is the autonomy to create your very own custom Feadship based on your personal preferences. According to Feadship sales director Maarten Janssen, the entire concept of this project is a way to dodge the initial and technical stage as the naval architecture and engineering aspects have already been decided.

Features That Set Apart Feadship’s Project 2024

An Iconic Profile

The profile of Feadship’s Project 2024 is a thing of beauty that must be admired and appreciated. The design is timeless, imbued with elegance and poise, yet maintaining a modern look and design. Feadship’s Project 2024 highlights the attention to sleek design with the help of her low profile, balanced lines, sharp shaped and clean angles, and architectural style. The design choices are also constructed keeping in mind the potential client, which is why you will notice the presence of understated bulwarks and massive glass windows. This feature is placed to optimize visibility to enjoy the complete experience.

Feadship’s “Pleasure Island”

In Project 2024, the aft area showcases the iconic “The Island” concept created by Nauta Design. With a dual-level recreation and wellness centre, you, as a client, can enjoy the blue waters from closer proximity. The fold-out side wings of this yacht transform the entire space and increase the platform surface area by approximately 80 percent. This whole piece of architecture generates more space for all your facilities. Some of these facilities include a 3.3-metre pool and ample seating area to relax in or away from the sun. The lower deck also contains several facilities such as a steam shower, sauna, and storage for water toys and the tender.

Project 2024 Outdoor Living

Project 2024 is an architectural beauty because of its smart and modern design, prioritizing the client’s and guest’s needs. The 564-square-metre yacht is built to have several facilities that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones. Pair the outdoor living with luxury and magnificent features like the sky lounge. The area fully encompasses the outdoor element, with numerous outdoor dining spaces, a drinks bar, lounges, and seating. Even if you choose to be indoors, the main saloon ensures seamless outdoor connectivity due to the 270-degree view that can be achieved with the fold-out balconies.

Private Paradise

This aspect of Project 2024 can easily be described as the perfect private paradise. This feature is located on the main; this full beam master suite is an epitome of privacy and personal delight. This area is adorned with several features, such as a generous cabin, two walk-in closets and bathrooms. You can also enjoy your me time in the lounge, which features a library and your personal balcony. The secluded outdoor space on the upper deck is easily accessible through a staircase. This additional thought to design ensures that the owners do not have to pass through the yacht, giving them that extra layer of privacy and security. The bow of the upper deck is fully furnished with added lounge space, sun pads, a private pool and more- creating the perfect spot for some peace and quiet.

Customization-Friendly Layout

Feadships goal with Project 2024 was to create a base design that allows the client to customize and create the perfect yacht. A ready-made platform will enable clients to reduce wait times between buying and final delivery. You have “countless options available” for customization, according to Feadship. This includes hull design, adding a helipad to personal fuel consumption and speed preferences. This work of art is constructed to accommodate 12 guests. The interior design style can also be adjusted entirely to the owner’s desires, making this model an actual work of art and one of a kind.

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