Buying a Used Boat

Looking for a boat for sale in Miami? Just as you would for a second-hand car, pay close attention and ask the right questions to make sure that you are landing yourself a good deal when buying a used boat. Asking the right questions will give you a good insight into the boat’s condition and issues it might have faced in the past.

However, if this is the first time you are purchasing used boats for sale in Miami, you might not know which questions to ask. So here is a list of seven questions that you must ask the seller to ensure that you have all the information about the vessel you are about to purchase.

How Many Hours Has the Engine Been Used For?

This is quite similar to the number of miles you would check in a second-hand car. The lower the number, the better! This may not give you the whole story but will give you a rough idea of how much the engine/motor has been used.

Also, there would be a difference based on the model of the motor. For example, a 2009 model motor will register a different performance rating than the latest model. Consider this to be an important question, and a must ask as you check out a prospect.

If you have found that the owner has taken good care of the boat for sale in Miami by getting it regularly services and used it only in freshwater, then anything under 1000 hours should be good enough for you.

What Problems Has the Boat had Before?

This question will help you understand the history of issues with the boat you have chosen from Miami boats for sale. You can ask the owner to tell you if the boat has had to undergo major repairs. Also, check with the owner, if he can show you the service receipts to help you understand the condition of the boat. In case, they do not have the receipts you can ask the owner to give you the number of the business where it had been taken to.

Has the Boat or the Motor had Any Major Repairs in the Past?

Just as you would want to know how well the boat has been serviced in the past, you should check for any major repairs that the boat would have undergone in the past. This will help you understand the faults, if any, in the boat and then make an informed decision if you want to go ahead with the purchase or not.

Is There Any Warranty Left and Is It Transferrable?

Getting a valid warranty along with used boats for sale in Miami can be a big deal. Especially, if it is a transferrable warranty. A transferrable warranty gives you cover on certain damages, which means you have peace of mind. However, transferrable warranties can be tricky, and hence you need to have better knowledge about them. While some warranties are transferrable only to the second owner, a lifetime full hull warranty may not be transferrable at all.

How Often Has the Motor Been Serviced?

Knowing the servicing history of the vessel is critical information. If the seller of the boat for sale in Miami claims to have regularly serviced the vessel and has proof to back it up, you can rest assured that the vessel is indeed in good condition. But if the owner does not have receipts to show the servicing record, make sure you get the VIN of the boat and do a background check.

Was the Boat Used in Saltwater?

Understand from the owner if the boat has been used in freshwater or saltwater. If you intend to use the boat in salt water, then do not worry too much about this. But, if you plan to use the vessel in fresh water, either make sure that the owner has been flushing out the motor well after every use or look for a boat that has been used exclusively in freshwater.

Why Are You Selling It?

Some may argue that this isn’t their business. But, how do you know that the owner is trying to dump off a boat that is damaged and a huge cost in terms of repairs. Understand clearly why the owner is selling off the boat before you make your decision.

If you think you cannot handle this on your own, you can get experts to help you inspect the vessel and give you a verdict on the worth of the boat. Or else, you can reach out to international boat brokers such as Miami International Yacht Sales to help you find the boat of your dreams.

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