Yachts have long been a status symbol of the rich and famous. Mega and superyachts have inspired awe with their sleek and stylish exteriors and stunning interiors. Mega and superyachts have evolved unprecedently over several decades to become the uber-stylish vessels that are sought by millionaires across the world. While one may wonder what more could be added to the beauty of these stunning vessels, there are already emerging trends that are now becoming a constant demand among yacht lovers. So if you are looking for a mega yacht for sale, read on to know what is in demand among yacht owners today!
Mega Yachts & Superyachts for Sale

Key Trends to Watch Out For

Size & Amenities

Mega and superyachts are the biggest vessels in the yacht family. They offer the most luxurious facilities and amenities and can accommodate a large number of people at the same time due to their humongous size. However, the demand for larger yachts continues to grow even further. This is driven by the fact that times have changed and millennials are now a part of the billionaire club. For such young multi-millionaires, the concept of a luxury yacht has moved on from the basic to the advanced, and opulence without technology incorporation is unacceptable. Hence, designers now need to put in efforts to create vessels that are not just big but also integrate technology to deliver to their clients, a yacht that matches their expectations. So when you are looking for superyachts for sale, ask your mega-yacht broker about what amenities are onboard the yacht.

Performance & Sustainability

The definition of a luxury yacht is gradually changing with time. While the rich would demand luxury on their yacht earlier, the current generation demands a host of features such as performance and sustainability. The demand for bigger vessels that can perform longer and are environmentally safe has emerged as a current trend. So designers now have to look at using lightweight and stronger materials that are environment-friendly too. If you are looking for mega yachts for sale, do enquire about their performance and how eco-efficient the yacht is.

The Emergence of Trimaran Hull Yachts

Besides the stress on luxury and technological inclusions, the demand for trimaran hull yachts is growing as demand gradually. Designers now have to collaborate with specialists such as architects to create trimaran hulls. The advantage that trimaran hulls offer is improved speed and easy access to shallow harbors.

A trimaran hull increases the efficiency of the vessel and makes it more fuel-efficient, thus reducing the impact on the environment. Despite these inclusions, designers do not compromise on the opulence of the interiors. You can ask your mega yacht broker to identify the perfect yacht with a trimaran hull yacht.

A signature or Personalised Status Symbol

The demand for customized yachts that are complementary to the owner’s status is a standard demand. However, with the world becoming more sensitive towards the environment, the demand for eco-friendly and more powerful yachts is growing significantly. The Oceanco Bravo is a stunning example of the preference of a new-age millionaire.

Bravo, which was launched in November 2018, uses the LIFE design. The design stands for Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly design. The Oceanco Bravo is indicative of the new preference among buyers these days.

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