Ferretti is one of the most popular luxury motor yachts. The centuries’ old Italian nautical tradition is a hereditary possession of these yachts which reflects in the designs even today.

Brothers Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti had a great passion for the sea which led to the foundation of the Ferretti Group in the year 1968. Their dedication and fervor completely revolutionized the yachting industry. The exclusive Ferretti designs introduced the stern bridges in the power yachts that opened to cockpits.

Why are Ferretti Yachts Favorite in the Yachting Industry

Let us check why Ferretti Yachts are favorite in the yachting industry!

Ferretti’s moto is ‘comfort is a vocation’! For them, comfort means high-end interiors, speed, the most advanced and innovative technology, world-class amenities, and complete safety. The interiors are designed to provide spacious deck space.

Ferretti yacht is one of the top Italian brands. These superyachts are always in demand because of their spacious layouts. Special luxurious amenities that tend to attract everyone include gym, spa, on-deck jacuzzi, entertainment sections, and many more.

One of the most remarkable features of the Ferretti Yachts is its performance. Their state-of-the-art iconic designs never fail to impress the owners. Ferretti Yachts are built well. They have all the luxuries you would require while at sea.

Since 1968, Ferretti Yachts have built a reputation for themselves creating their own place in the yachting industry. Ferretti Group is known for consistently working on innovative ideas in creating yachts that are technically advanced featuring the best safety and comfort measures. Their exquisite Italian designs and first-class craftsmanship have made way for exceptional brand boating.

Some technical features that help differentiate the Ferretti Yachts from the rest are:

  • Ferretti trim and drag reduction systems
  • Underwater discharge system
  • Cross Fiber Technology
  • Airbags for anchor chains
  • Advanced monitoring and controlling systems
  • Automated system for speed optimization
  • Compliant with ECC 94/25 Directive

The Ferretti Collection

Ferretti 450, 550, 670, 720, 780, 850, 920, are some of the most popular yachts in the market. The largest in the group is Ferretti 960. It is a 95 feet Ferretti yacht. The plan was to make a large piece yet fit in the pleasure boat section. Ferretti 960 is all about comfort and elegance.

Ferretti 550 has powerful twin diesel engines that help it run at 30 knots. The latest transformation in the mid-range collection is Ferretti 670. Other designs include Sea Dog, Anne Marie, Paradise, etc. which never fail to impress the cruisers with absolute style, extended interiors, and excellent designs.

Every model of Ferretti is known for providing comfort and safety. High-tech innovation leads to extremely beautiful designs. Ferretti yachts have the ability to indulge various needs of cruisers. Charter today and enjoy the sea vacation on one of the luxurious Ferretti motor yachts.

These superyachts may seem hard to manage but the maintenance is easier than expected. Moreover, unlike other yachts, Ferretti yachts maintain their worth. Owners have great resale probabilities for these yachts.

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