With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across continents like wildfire, several countries have shut down their borders and restricted travel. This has impacted the travel industry- especially the cruise industry that offers the 100 largest yachts and Pershing Yachts, in a major way. Over the year, since the infection was first reported, people have also grown more sensitive and cautious about protecting themselves from exposure to the virus. One of the steps towards staying safe that people have adopted is refraining from travel.

So while the pandemic continues its onslaught, the luxury travel industries are also evolving to survive and stay relevant in the new ‘normal’. If you are looking for Pershing yachts for sale and wondering if this is the right time, here’s everything you need to know how the cruise industry is coping with the current situation.

Amendments in Contractual Arrangements

The pandemic has brought with it uncertainty that clouds each aspect of a person’s life. Safe travel is one of the biggest concerns for a traveler in the current situation. People who made bookings earlier this year or were planning to buy new Pershing yachts for sale are now in a fix, not knowing what they should do. Not only are there new norms such as social distancing, but several countries that are popular among yacht lovers have shut down their borders. To tide this situation, yacht rental services will now have to look at including clauses such as cancellation of pre-arranged and existing charters to keep their clients hooked on to them.

Switching Destinations

One of the biggest challenges that the pandemic has thrown at the cruise industry is the limitation of destinations. While most yacht lovers prefer the Caribbean in the winter, the Mediterranean is a favorite for most in the summer. However, with countries such as Italy and Spain in the Mediterranean being worst hit by the virus, most people would prefer switching destinations. This is another opportunity that the cruise industry will need to make use of. Offering packages for conventionally preferred destinations on used Pershing Yachts for sale such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Scandinavia, or even the Bahamas would help yacht owners stay afloat.

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the cruise industry. Mass layoffs and cuts in salaries are a reality that the industry is currently struggling with. In the next 12 months, the industry may face turbulent times but the hope of resilience and adaptation is stronger than ever in the industry.

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