Whether you are planning to buy a luxury yacht or to sell one, you would require a luxury yacht broker. With yachting gaining popularity, the number of yacht brokers has gone up too. It has made finding a good yacht broker quite a difficult feat.

So, what should you do about selling your yacht or purchasing a good one? Well, you could either go a long way and use trial and error elimination strategy yourself to achieve your goal, or you could merely skim through the following tips and choose your luxury yacht broker to do the job in the right manner.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Yacht Broker

Here are a few things which you should take into account before selecting a luxury yacht broker.

Where Should You Look for a Yacht Broker?

Look for brokers at your marina. Ask around for recommendations and keep track of who rely on the same brokers for more than a single transaction. It will indicate how good those yacht brokers are at their job.
You could also ask for help in a yacht club near you or a professional organization.

What Should You Look For?

  • Certification: You should look for a certified professional yacht broker. It is because a yacht broker license will ensure that the person is trained and qualified for his job.
  • Experience: It is advisable to look for brokers who have a few years of experience up their sleeves. Generally, more experience indicates more knowledge of the yacht world.
  • Work/Job History: While evaluating the person, you should also take a look at the yacht brokerage firm and history of his dealings. It will provide further insight as to how good the broker is at his job.
  • Reputation: Further, you could also look at how well-known the firm is and how many vessels it has sold or helped purchase. It will ensure that you are in good hands so far as yacht dealing is concerned.
  • Listings: If you are looking up a brokerage firm, check out the yacht listings they have. We, at Miami International Yacht Sales, have an assortment of amazing yachts by distinguished names in the yachting industry.

What are the Extras Offered?

Take note of the unique or extra services offered by a particular brokerage firm.

  • Video/Photo Gallery: A few of the brokers offer videos apart from photos of the yachts which will give you a better idea of the interiors.
  • Advertising Platforms: Ask about their advertising strategies. Some of them use multiple platforms, like social media, print, etc., which could be quite beneficial to you.
  • Reach & Contacts: Some of the firms have global reach and a good number of contacts. In case you have a high-end watercraft, this will be a major plus for you.

Personality Traits

A broker will be representing you and your vessel, in case you are looking to sell one. So make sure that he is competent enough to represent you and your yacht in the best light.

Since the entire process of yacht purchasing or selling can take a lot of time, opt for a broker who:

  • enjoys his job,
  • offers thorough explanations,
  • is prompt and responsive, and
  • likes dealing with the clients.

Price Charged

Ask yourself how much you are willing to pay a broker for his services? Typically, brokers charge a 10% as their fees, though it may go up in case of a superyacht or a mega yacht. Further, ensure that your broker has a separate ‘escrow account’ for the purpose of accepting deposits.

If you take these tips into consideration, buying a boat through a broker can be a lot more effortless and smooth.

If you have any questions regarding yachts for sale, please contact us. Being reputable luxury yacht brokers in Miami, we will help you out.