Everything About Pershing Yachts – The History & Story

Pershing Yachts have been known to rule the yachting industry for a long time. Call it their classy appearance, unbeatable mileage, or expandable variety, Pershing yachts’ history continues to reign. The Pershing yacht was the fruit of the friendship of three incredibly talented Italians who shared a common passion for cruising and the sea. From its first-ever construction through its current revival, the Pershing Yachts’ history has been ever-evolving.

As a proud member of the world-famous Ferretti Group, Pershing’s remarkable performance, superior quality materials, and dream interiors garnered the yacht’s worldwide reputation for its performance. Pershing yachts continue to reign the yachting world with their commendable features and exclusive designs, thus consistently topping the buyer’s list.

Let us dive in deep and learn more about the legacy of the Pershing yachts and the high demand for Pershing Yachts for sale.

Introduction to Pershing Yachts’ History

In 1981, talented creators Tilli Antonelli, Giuliano Onori, and Fausto Filippetti came together to create Cantieri Navali dell’Adriatico in the tiny town of Mondolfo, Italy. Cantieri Navali dell’adriatico was their first yacht ever. Later on, intrigued by the design of high-functioning motor yachts, they started by constructing laminate boats. During that period, motor yachts were engineered to deliver extreme luxury and comfort with minimal attention given to the engine. The trio assessed both these qualities and figured out a way to combine the luxury of motor yachts with the strength of speedboats.

With the assistance of the brilliant yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, Pershing Yachts came into existence in 1985. The first Pershing vessel (a 45′ open yacht) successfully reflected their vision, delivering strength, speed, and luxury. Pershing’s solid commitment to evolution led to growing demand globally. During the early 1990s, the brand earned worldwide fame, urging owners to expand their market to include the United States, Mediterranean countries, and the Far East.

In 1998, the company joined hands with the Ferretti Group – a shining enterprise in the luxury yacht industry. This collaboration greatly impacted the Pershing Yachts and highlighted its presence in the American yacht market. The company’s versatile creations garnered several awards for creativity and development. Today, the new Pershing Yachts are one of the leading brands in producing high-performance motor yachts globally. Pershing yacht models range between 50 to 115 feet and have a pleasing exterior.

Features of New Pershing Yachts

It is not just the efficiency and design of the Pershing yachts that separate it from the rest of the yacht industry. Pershing yachts are engineered with various intricate details and are crafted to suit all purposes and standards of the buyers. Here are a few notable features of the yacht.

  • The craftsmanship of the Pershing yacht has a vacuum-infused lamination system. The Yacht’s preliminary design includes the trio of the deck and a solid fiberglass hull, which is environment-friendly and offers optimum performance.
  • As we know, natural light is one of the primary requirements of a luxury yacht. Every Pershing yacht for sale is equipped with rounded windows with a single windscreen to allow natural light to penetrate the yacht.
  • Pershing 74 and 82 are in high demand for their sundeck and impressive fiber stairs that elevate the cruiser to relax under the sun. The stair is auto-hydraulic in nature and disappears when not in use. This allows the users not to compromise the cockpit area or their luxury.
  • Last but not least, the Pershing yacht is an unbeatable choice in its first-class leather interior furnishings, customizable design, auto-hydrated staircase, durable glass doors, luxurious well-furnished bedroom, and much more.

Where to Find Pershing Yachts for Sale?

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