Designed by the Francesco Paszkowski Designs, the new one among the CRN yachts is the AlfaRosso Explorer Yacht. This is specially created for boating enthusiasts who enjoy long journeys and voyages.

Brand New CRN Yachts

AlfaRosso Explorer for the CRN Yachts is Available in Three Lengths:

a. 45 meters
b. 50 meters
c. 55 meters

It has an overall tonnage starting from 499 GT. The AlfaRosso is sharp with clean lines and has a stern, main deck and lower deck, available for socializing and relaxing. This is unlikely of other yachts in the same range as the generally stern, main deck, and lower deck are reserved as technical areas.

Alfa Rosso’s main deck also features a flush pool along with the boat’s other amenities such as floor-to-ceiling windows, large terraces, and more, which allows the guests to feel spacious and enjoy the surroundings while being in the interiors. The designers at CRN Yachts have meticulously planned and well-thought of the cohesive onboard experience. Letting the guests have closer contact with the water, sea, air, and other natural elements, without any barriers was their main priority while designing.

Its teak wood decks are linked by the open-step stairs, which were once covered by the classic gunwales as CRN yachts have opted for steel handrails, instead. It also has a hull profile which is crisply designed and features sufficient open spaces along with indoor comfort.

CRN Yachts’s Other Release For 2018

If you are thinking that this is the only CRN launch of the year then you have missed out on the 50-meter-long ‘Latona’. Latona has been under construction since 2016 and was launched earlier this year. It is a successful collaboration between the CRN Yachts’ engineering and Italian design studio, Zuccon International Project.

Latona has large interior spaces along with spacious exteriors, including the lounge areas located on the forward deck. It is highly distinctive as it adorns a bright color scheme and definite lines.

A Cheaper Option for AlfaRosso Explorer Yacht

The new AlfaRosso is definitely costly as it provides everything you can ask for in the range of explorer yachts. But if you are on a lesser budget, then you can try getting your hands on the XO Boats Explorer. It is a 10.3-meter-long luxury yacht that looks like a stealth cruiser for the black ops. It was unveiled in September at the Cannes International Boat Show and is definitely a suitable option for people on a budget.

XO Boats Explorer has a 30-knot cruising speed and a head-turning top speed of 49 knots, due to its 350 horsepower Mercury Verado engine. Enjoy a fast and steady getaway in the affordable range.

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CRN Yachts is an excellent choice for sailors looking for leisure and entertainment while spending exclusive time with friends and family. These are one-of-a-kind vessels with clean brilliant external lines that make them have the finest look when compared to other yachts in the same range. In addition, CRN yachts are the truly undisputed and unrivaled status of luxury, affluence, and prestige.

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