In the first part of the blog “Boating Terminology, You Must Be Acquainted with Before Buying a Yacht” we looked at the basic parts of a boat. However, the list was not complete. Hence, we are here with some more boating jargon whose knowledge you must be equipped with before going for CRN yachts for sale.

 Boating Terminology


  1. Flybridge: A directing station, once in a while with a little engaging space, built atop a boat’s cabin. It’s additionally now and then called a ‘flying bridge’. “We ran the yacht from up in the flybridge, which gave us an awesome view out over the sea.”
  2. Foredeck: The forward-most deck of a vessel. “The anchor windlass is situated upon the bow; you can get to it from the foredeck.”
  3. Galley: A territory on a watercraft where food is readied. “Rachel steamed up the lobsters on the stove in the galley.”
  4. Gunwale: The top edge of a watercraft’s hull sides. “The fishing rod racks are situated along the starboard gunwale.”
  5. Hardtop: An upheld fiberglass or composite rooftop like outer structure that covers a part of a watercraft. “We mounted the radar vault on the hardtop” or “The hardtop covers the inside support unit.”
  6. Hatch: The cover or entryway that closes over any opening in a yacht’s deck or cabin top. “The forward hatch permitted loads of natural light inside the watercraft.”
  7. Head: The washroom on a watercraft. “An encased head is fitted underneath the inside comfort to answer nature’s calls.”
  8. Helm: The territory of a vessel where the steering and motor controls are found. “James steered the yacht from the rudder.”
  9. Hull: The physical segments of a vessel that sit in the water. “That CRN yacht for sale has a hull shape that slices through waves easily.”
  10. Inboard Engine: A motor that is mounted inside the hull of a vessel. “The yacht has a 237- horsepower gasoline inboard motor.” Boats might be called inboards whether they have a straight shaft going through the structure, or unit drives going through the base of the vessel.
  11. Jib: Generally, the smaller of at least two sails on a sailboat, flown forward of the pole. “Sarah trimmed the jib in tight as she cruised a course against the breeze.”
  12. Jump Seats: Small, fly up seats generally situated in the rearward cockpit of a powerboat. “That CRN yacht for sale has twin fly up jump seats situated in the aft cockpit.”
  13. Lifelines: Cables or lines used to keep individuals or equipment from falling over the edge. “Amber got a handle on the lifelines solidly as she strolled forward on the starboard deck.”
  14. Livewell: A particular compartment on a yacht intended to keep fish, shrimp, and other fishing bait alive. “Fred loaded the livewell with a bundle of minnows.”
  15. Locker: An area on a yacht where gear is stowed. “The fishing supply bags are in the rearward stowage locker.”
  16. Mainsail: Generally, the biggest sail on a sailboat. “Adam raised the mainsail as Sean pointed the yacht into the breeze.”
  17. Mast: A vertical structure, typically made of aluminum, which underpins cruises on a sailboat. “We lifted the mainsail up the mast before raising the jib.”
  18. Keel: The lowest part of a yacht’s hull as it sits in the water. Additionally, a hull appendage that enhances steadiness. “CRN Yachts for sale have a full keel that enhances its lateral stability.”
  19. Outboard well: A recessed territory on a watercraft simply forward from where a detachable motor is mounted. “The outboard well very much loaded with water when we backed the yacht down into an arrangement of waves.”
  20. Outboard Engine: A motor that is, for the most part, mounted to the transom of a vessel that has an independent motor block, transmission, and lower drive unit. “The vessel has a 350- horsepower outboard engine on its stern.”
  21. Pod Drives: Inboard motors mounted above articulating drive units that project through the base of the vessel. “Pod drives give amazing handling and mobility.”
  22. Propeller: A rotating gadget that is combined with a motor to push a vessel through the water. “The outboard has a stainless-steel propeller.”
  23. Rigging: The lines and wires that support and help control a spar or pole. “The backstay, forestay, and side stays are a portion of the rigging that supports the pole.”
  24. Rubrail: A defensive external component on the hull sides that shields the hull from harm. “The rubrail leaned against the heaping, securing the pontoon’s frame.”
  25. Rudder: A vertical hull appendage that controls steering. “Some CRN yachts for sale offer long, slim rudder which makes the watercraft exceptionally maneuverable.”
  26. Saloon: A room in the cabin on a watercraft that is typically the primary entertaining territory. “We served mixed drinks in the primary saloon; it was an awesome space for entertaining our visitors.”
  27. Scuppers: Deck drains that channel water out from rain and splashes over the edge. “The cockpit loaded with water, yet was immediately drained by the scuppers.”
  28. Sheer Line: The framework of a vessel’s deck at the gunwale or hull-deck joint from bow to stern. “The vessel has a sheer line that ascents effortlessly toward the bow.”
  29. Stateroom: An encased cabin in a watercraft with sleeping quarters. “The ace stateroom had extravagant lodging, including a queen-size berth compartment.”
  30. Stern: The aft-most area of a watercraft’s structure. “We mounted the swim step on the yacht’s stern.”
  31. Stern Drive: An propulsion system comprising of an inboard motor with a steerable drive framework that is mounted to the transom. “The watercraft was fitted with twin inboard gas motors coupled to stern drives.”
  32. Swim Platform: A structure on the stern of a vessel intended to make getting in and out of the water less demanding. “Jennifer sat on the swim stage with her legs dangling in the water.”
  33. T-Top: A metal structure on a watercraft that is typically topped with an area of canvas or a hard top to shield yachters from sun, splash, and rain. “Jack and his group crouched under the T-top amid the rainstorm.”
  34. Tiller: A wood, metal, or composite handle that is associated with the rudder(s) or a small outboard and used to direct a watercraft. “As the breeze expanded, Tim pulled hard on the tiller to keep the boat on course.”
  35. Toerail: A wood or fiberglass rail or fiddle situated around the outside edge of a pontoon’s deck, normally situated close to where the hull sides meet the deck. “The yacht’s teak toerail was wonderfully varnished.”
  36. Topsides: The portion of a vessel’s body that is over the waterline. “Tina cleaned the topsides to an excellent sparkle.”
  37. Transom: The aft-most segment of a vessel that associates the port and starboard segments of the hull. “Many people put a watercraft’s name on the transom, however, some put it on the hull sides.”
  38. Trim Tabs: Adjustable metal plates on a powerboat’s structure base or transom that help adjust the watercraft’s running disposition, pitch, and move as it travels through the water. On a sailboat, a solitary trim tab might be situated on the rearward edge of the keel to enable the vessel to steer better in specific conditions. “Steve balanced the trim tabs to influence the powerboat’s bow to ride more distant down in the water.”
  39. V-Berth: A compartment that is situated in the bow of a vessel. “Alex slept in the V-berth.”
  40. Waterline: The line around a vessel’s structure where it meets the water. “Throughout the day, we were scouring the pontoon’s waterline.”

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